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Unlocking Biollante in Godzilla Save The Earth (Xbox)

DylanRocket Blog

This is a very simple and short tutorial that, if done correctly, should enable the use of Biollante in the Xbox version of Godzilla Save The Earth. I have tested this method and it does work, albeit with a few graphical bugs with the HUD.

On with the tutorial!

Unlocking Biollante for the Xbox Godzilla Save The Earth:


  • A Softmodded Xbox (Google a tutorial if you don't have one, the process is quick and easy, and cheap as well). You must also be able to either transfer files to your Xbox. This tutorial will assume you can transfer files through FTP..
  • 800-900 mb of Xbox hard drive space
  • A copy of Godzilla Save The Earth
  • DVD2Xbox
  • Patience
  • A brain*, don't mess with something you should not mess with
  • Basic knowledge of FTP

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to enable Biollante. ☺

1. Backup your Godzilla Save The Earth disc - Use DVD2Xbox to backup your disc to your hard drive. You must have at least about 800-900 mb available. All .xbe files but default.xbe can be deleted afterwards. This will give you about 50 mb more. Yes, this step is a requirement as you will be modifying your backup, not your disc copy. Your disc copy will remain untouched.

2. Browse to your GSTE backup directory - Self explanatory, default location is probably E:/Games/Godzilla Save The Earth/bundle/

3. Decide on a kaiju to replace - Yup, this is the bad part I did not tell you about until now. You still have to replace a kaiju but you have more freedom on who to replace than you do with the PS2 version. As the Xbox version does not use a VOL archive, you can replace any kaiju regardless of how many characters are contained within the file name.

4. Replace the file - FTP the file biollante.zip to a location on your PC (Desktop recommended). Extract the .zip file and there should now be a file called biollante.cmf. Rename Biollante.cmf to the file name of the kaiju you wish to replace.** Re-zip the file with Winrar (or whatever file compressor you use) and be sure the .zip file has the same name as the .cmf file. Now FTP the .zip to the Bundle directory in your Godzilla Save The Earth backup directory and overwrite the original file. Alternatively, you can download this file (http://www.mediafire.com/download/smx14c29gr2adca/MGhidorah.zip) and copy it into the "bundle" directory contained within your backup. It will replace Mecha King Ghidorah.

5. Reboot your Xbox - Just in case, make sure it registered all of your changes.

6. Load up the game and play!

Here's what to expect: Youtube.com

Biollante's textures and character model are more detailed than they are in the PS2 version, as expected. The tradeoff, however, is the the messed up HUD icon. As you can see, there is a hideous white block in the corner of the screen. Unfortunately replacing the HUD file didn't work for me, but you're always free to try!

Well that's it for the tutorial! I hope it works for you guys and thanks for all of the support over the last few years! ;D

* What I mean when I say "Don't mess with something you should not mess with", I mean don't try to rename something like Ebirah's files and expect them to work. I've tried it, it'll just reboot the game. Also, do not attempt to use Xbox Live! First of all it's down, so why would you even bother? Second of all, you'll probably have to reinstall your softmod as the Xbox Live option appears to reinstall OFW. Battlefront 2 does this, I learned that the hard way. It's not hard to softmod it again, but if you can prevent wasting your time re-modding it, why not?

** Monster File Names:

  • Anguirus
  • Baragon
  • Biollante (Do not replace this file as it is not used in Monster Select)
  • Destoroyah
  • Destoroyah_Carnival (Not loaded in select screen, crashes game when used)
  • Ebirah (Not loaded in select screen, crashes game when used)
  • Ghidorah
  • Gigan
  • Godzilla2k
  • Godzilla90s
  • JetJaguar
  • JetJaguar_Carnival (Not loaded in select screen, crashes game when used)
  • MechaGodzilla2
  • MechaGodzilla3
  • Megaguirus
  • Megalon
  • MGhidorah
  • Mothra (This is the adult form)
  • Mothra_Larvae (Larvae form)
  • Orga
  • Rodan
  • SpaceGodzilla

UPDATE: So I figured out G:STE was only 750 Megs, surprisingly. Luckily I still had 800 to spare, so now I have both a Biollante Enabled Game and Star Wars Battlefront II with Teancum's Xbox mod. Perfect! Anyway, I figured out that it's best to use FTP as simply renaming the .zip doesn't work. The tutorial is now updated accordingly, and the file manager method is removed as I don't use a file manager so I don't know if you can re-zip/un-zip a file or not. Also nothing is theoretical now, it's all either confirmed working or not confirmed working.

This method is confirmed working! =D

Tutorial: Unlocking Biollante in Godzilla Save The Earth

DylanRocket Blog 3 comments

Tutorial to Unlock Biollante (You're sacrificing Mecha Ghidorah for this. Please be aware of this. Also I'm NOT responsible if you end up wrecking your game/computer.) If another monster has the same amount of letters as Biollante, go ahead and try it.

Stuff you'll need:
1. Winrar. This is needed to extract ISO files.
2. Godzilla STE ISO. You'll need it so you can mod it.
3. PSPad Pspad.com
4. ImgBurn

1. Extract the contents of the ISO into a folder using Winrar.
2. Open GODZILLA.vol with the PSPad hex editor
3. This is a big file. It can easily crash the hex editor. Press CTRL + H
4. In the "Find" box, type mghidorah
5. In the replace box, type biollante(I also clicked ignore character case. Probably not needed)
6. Click Replace
7. It'll take a while. Give it some time. Once they are all replaced, save the file.

How to play it:
There are two ways to play it, emulator or PS2

Programs needed:
1. PCSX2 (The PS2 emulator)
2. Configure it and get the bios(I'm not telling you to go download them as its illegal to download them)

3. IMGBurn (you should have already downloaded it)

1. Open IMGBurn
2. Find the folder with GODZILLA.vol and all the other files
3. Let it compile it into an ISO(Click "Ok" for everything that pops up)
4. Open the ISO with PCSX2
5. If all went well, go to Mecha Ghidorah(His name and small icon will still be there but when he is played as, it should be Biollante)
6. Press whatever button you configured as "X" and have fun!

The only way to play it on the actual PS2 would be to mod your PS2 and burn the disc. I will not go into detail about this.
Feel free to ask questions!

On September 15th 2013, Biollante's files were recovered and hex edited back in. This discovery quickly became popular, and I got 180+ subscriptions on Youtube because of this. About a day or 2 later, a tutorial was posted on the Gigan vs Biollante video explaining how to unlock her.

May 27th, 2014, the tutorial is now on Moddb.

Thanks for everything guys! :D

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