Hey there. I used to work for the French website pmods.net, which promoted game modifications and independents games Now I'm working with some pals of Pmods on ModAddict, some kind of blog about mods/indies. About me, I'm a drummer so I enjoy music (mostly extreme metal, some electronica, and jazz/fusion stuff). I study computer stuff in Supinfo at Nice, I enjoy books, have cynic humor, enjoy animes and tv shows a lot. I already tried to mod, but as I am a lazy and quite a perfectionist person, I couldn't do it. Hmm... the last ModDB had some informations like fav games, weapons... Mine are the Unreal serie, Quake serie, Knytt serie, Duke Nukem 3D and Max Payne. Mostly action, so. Fav' weapons, hm... railgun and shovel. But a cat is fine too. Anyway I thank you for reading this useless profile bio until the end. Holy crap I used to write bad english back then. Lucky I got here and cleaned/updated this shit out.


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