I'm your average gamer and I play anything from early '70s pong consoles to the most recent games on PC and Console. I am pretty competitive and I have had previous experience in modding on the Doom Engine and GoldSRC Engine. I accept all Friend Requests on my Steam and PSN If you need to message me, hit me up on Steam.

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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For a one man venture, this game is pretty atmospheric. The sound design is probably it's best aspect besides the overall graphic design. However, while it is interesting the first time you play, this game has all of zero replay value. There are 7 Nights, each one getting progressively harder than the last. However, that's it. The animatronics just come after you faster. They don't change any scares. Once you've played night 3, there's nothing radically different for the rest of the game. Night 7 lets you customize the ai, or how fast they come after you, but that's it. Theres no extra content past that. In fact theres not even a pause feature or an options menu. If nothing else, this game reminds me of the good ole mid 90's DOS games, and for something like that it's not bad. For the sequel, I just recommend more content. 4 monsters wear thin as early as night 2. It still remains a great indie title, but other than that, I didn't really feel interested to play it after finishing it.

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