Welcome! I am currently attending Cal Poly Pomona for a BS in Computer Science. Due to my long break from modding, and my inability to register for programming classes, I am still very rusty. Well, I guess more will come later.

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Hello people!
I decided not to start up a Mod for the main reason that there are way to many out so I signed up to work for The Fallen Warriors mod. They were in desperate need of a programmer and I was feeling very uninspired. But now I feel great and am enjoying the work, the leader, At_God, is great; he really is a good guy who allows me to give him ideas. His maps are actually really nice too! Please do check out the mod and track it, once we get a website, forum, and blog up make sure to check it out and give support!

Rain and Splashes FPS Loss Calculations

Dragondx11 Blog

(Outdated- This is with full render distance of the splashes, my new set of splashes get rendered at a smaller distance thus saving frames)
If you have seen my rain videos you would know about how badly the splash particles effect frames. Well, I calculated a set of % for you with their % of frames lost. Please note the density is 100%*. Now, this isn't perfect and it is tested on my system**.

// Low  % = 15; FPS Loss = 28%
// Good % = 35; FPS Loss = 46%
// High % = 50; FPS Loss = 58% 
// Extreme % = 99; FPS Loss= 75% 

As you can see extreme is, well, extreme. With a 75% loss of frames. This is only recommended for very extreme systems. High is a little better but over half of your frames lost isn't good.

* I pretty much modded the density code to its extent with out the engine dieing on me. So smaller density %'s go a long long way.
** These % are not calculated with NPC's and every other frame killer in mind.

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