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Dinksmallwood wrote: Dear lord, Why did you go wasteing all that time modeling new units when the hl2 models were nearly perfect? Seems like you've decided to sacrifice polish for originality. I think the HL2 universe was PERFECT for this mod. The general could have been dr. bren, the resistance could have been standard city units, the opression could have been combine forces. They already have models/animations for standard and improved troops, and the cars could have been only slightly modified to serve their purpose. I think controling the combine forces would have been recieved better by comunity and valve itself far easier. You could have added headcrab artilery (normal ai headcrabs as a neutral/uncontrolable element). Adding in the headhumpability would have been trying...
Seems like you've abandoned works that were complete and ready that could have saved your modelers TONS of work. Hell, you could have stuck to original hl2 weaponry and used strategicly placed (standard) ammo crates to aid in balenceing teams, ie leaveing rocket rearm crates near the rear where they would be harder to get to the front untell the combine advanced farther forward, and a good commander could use headcrab artilery to try to slow down rocket supply lines to the front. These ideas were what was on MY mind when I awaited this mod, I can't really imagine why you'd steer so far from that concept.

This isnt exactly a complaint, but I WAS saddened to see these new versions of troops, awaiting polish that could easily been avoided all together WHYLE staying more true to the hl2 universe.

Are you serious? Maybe because to do so would be violating Valves IP (unless they asked of course) and because it wouldn't be too original. All they would have to do is re-use the models, which in itself kinda shows the fact that they're not to intent on creating their own things. Most modders before modding will already have an idea in place, and while yeah there can be a HL2 RTS conversion, it's a completely different kind of mod. Especially since its a Total Conversion Modification that they're working on. Since when were they talking about Head-crabs? Did you read the story when you first found this mod? If you like this idea go ahead and start a mod of your own.

Also, Welcome to ModDB :D

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hello if you want to play lasthope add
then wel talk aboút it.

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