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hey all,
i know that almost noone will actuly be reading this but here we go:
this is my blog i have never used it before and since i am now a mapper for the mod "yellow shift" i will occaisionaly blog about mappingand the experinces glitches and tips i can give you
heres my tips so far:

1. if you are constantly resizing textures for say a door and then doing the same for the roof, walls and floor do a quick run of your map and check it i have found that 80% of the time when needing to resize textures alot means i am over/underscaling the world.

2. don't stick to detailing one area before you start another chances are the area you are detailing (e.g. creating light models, decals, ect) will change once you finish the basic geometry for the next part throughour the creation of a map it can change completely but still have the same basic look

3a. USE DEV_MEASURE TEXTURES!!! i cannot stress this enough if you are using goldsrc you can use wally to import them from hammer into one of your WAD's or you can download my decals.wad that already have them in it

3b. the reason i recomend to do this is because i am constantly having trouble deciding my texture set to use in an areaand it is better to get the basic geometry of the area over and done with before you go on with deciding and reshaping textures it is a waste of time once you have the basic layout then start texturising trust me it'd ALOT easier.

4. i recomend to use this site for help on goldsource and hammer mapping it has many tutorials and information on every entitiy

happy mapping

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