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Red Alert: A Path Beyond

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As someone who greatly enjoys FPS's I feel like this game deserves a 10/10. Yes, the current public build is lack-luster (no, really. It is); however, as a member of the testing team, I can whole-heartedly say that the next public build will really step up everything. More strategy will be involved in almost every portion of the game, but it will still be relatively easy to pick up and do well in. Don't let the outdated engine and graphics fool you, the game is very much a load of fun. 10/10 fun.


Dawn of the Tiberium Age

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This mod/game is a very well-done recreation of the NOD, GDI, Allied, and Soviet forces from the first CNC games. There are some additions for gameplay's sake (the original GDI and NOD factions didn't have playable navies, making them considerably weaker than the RA1 factions), but they are really well done and highly welcomed. I would love to see some optimization and bug-fixes, but this is well done enough that it deserves the 10.


Tiberian Sun Reborn

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I think the team did wonderful. It gave me all of the nostalgia from Tiberian Sun, and added some new features as well. I was really impressed with the amount of detail that BHP did, considering I feel that is one of the things that APB is missing. I'm looking foward to superweapons and the new vehicles being added.

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