Art,History,Animation,Anime,Modding,and Gaming are some of my favorite things and hobbies,I'd love to interact with and enjoy something with someone,come be a friend! Especially if you have similar interests. Some of my favorite game genres are,Strategy,Action,RPG,MMO/MMORPG (usually with friends),some FPS games,and my favorite subgenre has to be Real Time Strategy. DeviantArt: Epsilon52 MyAnimeList: Epsilon52

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Phantasy Star Online Inspired Character, Epsil
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Lieutenant Epsil Calderius, Age 22

Epsil, the Epsilon52 way before CAST Epsilon52, was apart of a certain Security Force on Coral, most likely one for the launch of the PIONEER project. He WAS Human and was a man of tactics with a hobby of robotics. He was around several years before CAST's were put into production, and around when MAG's started being pumped out for military personnel. In his spare time he built a custom MAG for himself that was smaller than most MAGs. He modeled it after himself in armor, and it was a mini companion, he named his mini-self Darus. The PIONEER project eventually was finished testing and launched PIONEER 1, rebels from the war attacked and he participated in defending the launch sequence.

Personality and Traits: He is a man of tactics, serious and silent, but speaks plenty when he is with others. He is friendly and intelligent and very skilled with Sabers and Guns. Cheerful and witty, when somebody irritates him he gets a smartass tone that can be so clever it just makes people laugh rather than frustrated. Sometime's he's just a smartass for comedic purposes and encourages his comrades to keep up. When he's alone and not on the field he mostly keeps to himself and messes with robotics and studies strategic and tactical theory. He was one of the upperclassmen at the security officer academy and is very dangerous in combat. He prefers sidearms, rifles and sabers, and tries his best not to show off. He uses earlier technology from what Pioneer 2 used at this point.

[Continuation on how he becomes an android when I get off my ass and draw/take a picture of it, I believe I left some things out and messed up, I sadly didn't type this up when I had really good ideas for it before going to sleep. As a CAST, he spans all the Phantasy Star Games I play.]

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