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Well, seeing as this is my first rant I may as well start it off with a kick and argue about a game that not many have heard of. Ever play Homeworld 1? It's good. At the beginning of the campaign you choose to use on of two different races that affect which ships you and the "villains" of the campaign use. The developers and most players apparently prefer use of the Kushan fleet. Ships are much sleeker, use more intense weaponry and include more advanced technologies such as cloaking fighters and drone control frigates, as opposed to the Taidan defense fighters and shield frigates. Now, it is agreed that the Kushan unique techs are superior but consider the position you play in the game. A fledgling race just beginning to take steps into space most likely will not begin with ships that resemble those of the Halo Covenant. Your adversaries however have been around since before the dawn of your people and it would be logical that they have superior technology and flat out badass shit. Besides, the Taidan do have their perks such as Heavy Cruisers that favor Heavy Guns over the Ion Cannons which the Kushan has FOUR OF. Ok, maybe that isn't such a perk but it can have its charms non the less. The Taidan destroyer is also of less battle capability due to its stationary ion cannons verses the Kushan who had the foresight to make theirs swivel on joints to increase target tracking speed oh-so-lamely. Besides, the Taidan destroyers have those badass dorsal fin looking things. It's a freaking yellow space shark!..... Wow. I suppose most of this evidence I have been providing hasn't really been supporting my argument. So, I suppose if your into winning and pretending that you are a Covenant badass than maybe the Kushan ARE for you...... But I will stand firm behind the Taidan because I believe it's ok to get your ass kicked as long as you look cool.

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