Hello im Cory, i'm 6'2", super sized, have beard, play games. i think that says it all.

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Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations

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The first sand box game that i have played and lost track of time many times. playing a game with my brother on a local server building a rail system digging to the depths of the earth. Sometimes if you just think to strip the graphics off of games what is it just another shoot em up game. or a simple build base and destroy an enemy. a theme gives it a different feel, but a game that is to build what you want. to make it a modification friendly section for a modding community to rise up and even if the modification of a certain mod has some certain ability (piston mod that will be implemented into v1.5) will make it into an actual game. listening to fans while they build the game is the best step to make a game great not just post a title and expect to sell a million copies. now they may have good intentions but if you do not listen to your peers or make the game where it is able to have people change it easy the game will fade away easy. The Minecraft creators have done it right and have the game build with a community that is kept in the loop on whats going on and have a community that can voice an opinion and not have the hammer slam down and say my game, you do not like it, then bugger off and make your own. Single and multiplayer friendly.

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