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!UPDATE v8 2018

dDefinder Blog

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This is ordered by release.

Kingdome Come: Deliverance
Blood Mod
Adding blood decals to a game that didn't have it at all. Mod is more of a proof of concept state right now. I am still testing out how things work in the Cryengine. I am currently unsure how far I will get beyond this version of the mod. Only one blood decal is used right now.

AI Leg Cannon and Air Throws
AI rabbits will use the leg cannon and throw weapons while in the air. Just things that the player can do that the AI can now do too.

Wolfire Test Levels Menu
A simple mod that will make Wolfire's prototype and test levels selectable through the level menu with added images. 130+ levels in the menu.

Dynamic AI aggression
AI will now adjust their combat aggression based on how they are performing. Aggression will affect their engagement distance, defense, and attack frequency. New AI logic to group fighting, throwing weapons and jump kicking. This will increase game difficulty.

Bloody Combat
Increases combat blood with new decals and effects. Adds dying animations for getting downed, longer animations, and arterial spurts chance when killed with a weapon. Reduced version here.

Classic DOOM (1994)
Smooth Doom with Ketchup Patch
Combines Ketchup blood effects with Smooth Doom's new death and gib animations. I've also added some custom wall splatter to blend the effects better

dD's Weapon Sounds (download is on Dropbox)
New sounds for weapons and explosions. Chaingun and pistol now sound different and increased sound distance for hitscan enemies

Maximum HUD (dD Edit)
This is my personal edit of Dancso Maximum HUD. Supports widescreen and additional HUD features

Droplets - Wall Blood Splatters Replacement
Replaces the wall blood decals to be somewhat realistic and cover a larger area. This will replace the wall blood decals from Droplets mod and match its style. This can be used as a standalone mod.

Fallout 4
Enhanced Blood Textures
High-resolution blood decals that complement the violence level of the Fallout series. Currently just a texture replacer.

No VATS Damage Reduction
This will remove the 90% damage reduction while you are in VATS so that you will now take full damage. This will increase the risk of using VATS while under fire or when an enemy is in melee range.

Realistic Ragdoll Force
Ragdolls now reflect real life physics instead of cartoons.

Postal 2: Steam Edition
More Decals
Increased max active ragdolls and dead bodies, Increased lifetime for blood splatters, blood drops, brain bits, limbs, and guts when cut in half, Increased max amount of people spawned on initial map load, Blood pools and puke puddles will never disappear (CURRENTLY BROKEN DUE TO GAME UPDATE, unable to fix at this time)

Improved Ragdolls

A basic mod to reduce the chance of odd ragdoll poses by decreasing the overall joint stiffness

Arma 3
Improved Ragdoll Physics

This mod will try to reduce the repeating or odd ragdoll poses and fix some limb joints that can cause some deforming. Increase force from explosives, while keeping it realistic. Bullets will now have a very small amount of force, which can cause bodies to slump away from the direction of the shooter.

Blood Mod
A basic blood mod for Starbound. Adds blood spurts to all different types of attacks. New gore pile animation, player death animation, and blood splatters that stain the environment. A reduced version is also available.

Counter-Strike: GO
Diverse Bots
New bot names, skills, and weapon trees. Aim and looking around for bots should now simulate a mouse and not a controller. A continuation of Diverse Bots for CS:Source. Unfortunately, the CSGO bots are nerfed compared to Source.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (XBox One and Speical Edition supported)
Enhanced Blood Textures
Improved blood texture detail and increased resolution. It's not just texture changes. Increase blood during combat and other features such as blood pools, blood drops, and extra blood for killmoves with ragdoll spasms. Mod got unexpectedly popular and very complex compared to any other mod I've done (maybe the RLS mod). Supported since the game's 11/11/11 release.

No Spinning Death Animation
Simply removes the spinning around dance animation that they do before death, they will now just ragdoll when killed. Works for normal deaths and dying from a high fall. It will not affect killmoves. Started noticing this animation more and more and it just shouldn't exist in the first place.

Realistic Ragdolls and Force 1.9
Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more realistic level and replaces ragdolls so that they are no longer stiff and fall at a faster velocity. The default ragdolls are pretty terrible so this had to be made. Inspired by an Oblivion mod with the same name.

No Limit for Lifting Bodies and Objects
This will allow you to lift dead bodies and certain objects no matter how big or heavy they are. Increases the grab limit. Early mod made for Skyrim.

The Sims 3
Outdoor Lighting Tweak
Realistic outdoor lighting and shadow cast mod. A little bit like The Sims 2 one, but way more limited to what can be modified.

Arma II
Streamlined Radio
Gets rid of some radio annoyances and shortens it and adds other radio features. Some of the changes here may have inspired some of the voice changes in ARMA 3.

Fallout: New Vegas
Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c

Just about the same as the Fallout 3 version. Slightly more updated and supports all DLC.

Improved Sound FX v0821
Started from scratch with the New Vegas version. Did not do any reload sounds this time but replaced all gunshot sounds and other sound effects. Supports all DLCs. Sounds I made myself are the energy weapon noises and a few other ones.

Mass Effect 2
Less Face Wrinkles for Custom Shepards
Reduces the amount of wrinkles around the facial cheek area to match better with the age of the "Default Shepard" face.

Left 4 Dead 2
New Weapon Sounds v1.1

Replaced gunshots and reload sounds for conventional weapons

Improved Blood Textures v1.1
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Pripyat
Improved Sound Effects: Call of Pripyat v1.1

This replaces the generic low-quality default sound files with higher quality ones. Will also fix sound syncing problems with the default weapons. This is a port of Improved Sound Effects for SoC & Clear Sky. Minor tweaks have been made to adjust the AI detection range of the sound effects.

Exaggerated Blood mod v1.16

New blood and wound textures with increased amount of blood.

Exaggerated Physics 1.0
Increases explosion distance, force and increases the number of fires and spread. Increase bullet and thrown object force. Just a fun mod to mess around with.

Fallout 3
Enhanced Blood Textures v2.1a

This will increase the blood decal's resolution size from 256 to 1024 and re-textures screen and static blood decals, includes esp.

Improved Sound Effects v1.3
This mod changed only conventional weapon gunshots and reloads. Sounds from weapons will be more powerful and less identical like it was with the originals. Also changes bullet impact and decap sounds

The Sims 2
Gunmod's Radiance Light System 2.4

A huge update for Gunmod's Lighting mod which supports expansion packs. Lots of changes to lighting to make it more realistic. One of the major mods that I've worked on.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
Improved Sound Effects v1.3a

This replaces the generic low-quality default sound files with higher quality ones. Will also fix sound syncing problems with the default game. This is a continuation of Improved Sound Effects for SoC. Files have been properly commented

Exaggerated Blood Decals
Blood sized bumped up to 256x256 and attempts to stay to the art style of TF2. Simplified will have more of a cartoon look while detailed will keep the detail level.

Made 28 stepcharts(Simfile) which are not available since FFR and Benami site don't host simfiles anymore. About half the charts are not good, but that's because at that point I never played with a dance pad and used keyboard instead.

Improved Sound Effects v0.9

Replaces the default generic sound effects with higher improved ones.

Improved Spell Fire Effects
Improves the look of the fire spell texture.

Alternate Blood Textures for MMM 1.1
An alternative to MMM's blood textures. Kind of an update to my older ones. A bit lesser of a splatter look.

Alternate Blood Textures for A Bloody Mess v1.1

Replaces the blood textures that was in "A Bloody Mess" mod to a more splatter like effect.

Gorier Blood Mod v1.1
Replaces all blood related textures to higher detailed ones. Includes instruction on how to increase the blood limit.

GTA: San Andreas
Particle Improvement v0.8

Increase the detail of effects and partials throughout the whole game. (Was never able to finish due to lack of tools at the time.)

Intro Skipper
Replaces the videos files with blank ones. Same time and space. (you could just simply delete the video files yourself which does the same thing.

Counter-Strike: Source
Diverse Bots

New bot names and added skill and weapon template. Playing on normal will be like playing on a public server.

CS: Source Assorted Player Sounds:
Assorted player sounds. To new death sound and damage sounds.

CS: Source Realistic Blood Splatter Blood:
Latest blood textures out of all my blood mods for Counter-Strike. Realistic blood splatters instead of those nonsense puddles on walls and it comes in 2 versions less or more blood.

dD's Hud Pack 1a:
Comes with two fonts of your choice and different colors (RED,BLUE,GREEN,WHITE,ORANGE). Color of font will also change the color of the menu borders and such. Includes some text changes and Real weapon names. (Does not work with the new versions of CS:S)

dD's Blood Decals Pack:
Blood pack. Comes in 3 styles. Realistic, Middle, and Excessive.

New Weapon Muzzle Flashes v2:
Comes in 2 styles realistic and action flashes.

New Blood Textures:
Oldest blood...

Muzzle Flashes 1.2:
Older gun flashes...

Muzzle Flashes:
Oldest gun flashes...

SiG commando:
Reskin for the commando more chrome like.

M249 SAW:
Reskin for the M249 more chrome like.

Reskin for the p90 with help of kaoserever.

Mac-10 :
Reskin for Mac-10 More chrome like and damaged

Reskin for FAMAS first reskin I ever done for the game and it looks bad and its meant to be damaged like.

GTA: Vice City
Better Blood:

New blood textures and blood effects with longer decal limit and bigger gunshot hits. With the help of kao3srev3r for textures. I have edited the stats for the blood effects.

New Weapon sounds:
New and better sounds for all weapons gunshots and reload.

New Reflections:
My first mod ever. Changes reflections of all default cars and includes the textures of the reflections themselves


Hey there, mind if i add on Steam? I have few questions to ask about your addon in L4D2.🙂

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dDefinder Creator

yea sure, but the game is not out where i live at.

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Timesplitters 2 is pure fun, mostly hehe

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Hey, I'm wondering if you do any total conversion mod work, I am helping with the modification over-run for half life 2( ). We currently need help with muzzle flashes and setting them up on weapons. If you would be at all interested please drop by our forums (above link) or you can email me at: spencerwinson at hotmail dot com

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dDefinder Creator

MP2 ;)

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What is your explosion from?

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