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Sword Of Damocles: Warlords

Mod review

While I have a high regard for the mod author/s for which this mod was done by. The problem is that this mod is unfinished.

I had a conversation with the one of the devs, Computica, about a year ago and he said that he might do something with this mod. When that would be is anyone's guess at this point. He's been going through rough times since the original mod team no longer works on this and disbanded a while back.

Now while I love this mod and had fun with it back in the day it needs to be finished. I don't know what would need to be finished on this since I 'm not that good at Python scripting, besides it needing to be the same as the version for Mount and Blade.

As I said before the dev team disbanded and I doubt there will be any progress during this year or even next year, but surprises have happened. My expectations are low as usual so I don't become disappointed so easily. If you know anything about Python Scripting, graphics, story telling etc. Please do let computica know. I want this mod to come back. I'm usually the guy who says forget this mod it's not coming back and I rarely hear from a dev of the original content about what's going on.

This module adds several new factions and a new map. A lot of things to do within the building menu when you own a castle/town/fief. It would be better if it had freelancer module within it and I'm not that good with mod merging.

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