i have a history of actionscript and following studies on C# i am not that good yet at C++ u can find my games in actionscript at www.kongregate.com i've created some nice programs to bad my drawing skills aren't optimal i live in belgium and my dream is to work with naughty dog but to bad its way across the world so no luck for me... add me on ps network if u have that and thanks for reading my bio ^_^

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The story of Unlimited

Darkglenn Blog

Let me tell you the tale of Jason Dark our starring character of Unlimited.( i've decided to write my story in parts as i come up with them)

Its Jason's 14th birthday, and his home alone. His mom had some overtime work.
He doesn't know much of her work only that's its important and his father use to do the same.
Yeah his father... his mome always talks about him like his some sort of hero but all he knows, is that he wasn't there for him.
Maybe he should go celebrate his birthday with her?

He decides to take his bike, get a fine looking pie at the local bakery and rides to where she works.
i wasn't hard to get the adress he came across it some time ago while looking for some information about what she does for work. because she would never talk about it. To bad all he found out was that: the companies name was FutureTech; Main objective was Teleportation and Cloning. there was something else their but it was scratched away.
Anyhow arriving at FutureTech, it seemed to be locked down. only one entrance with a kind of chubby looking gaurd... (would he want the pie?)

PART3 coming soon!


Darkglenn Blog

hey there!
i came across these B-E-A-UTIFULL site that.. you know those sites where click links and look at an advertisement an you earn some extra cash to spent on stuff like modding?
well on this site u just create links to sites u like to go or special links and such and then u can just place that links somewhere and let the other guy's from that site do the clicking for ya!

if u want to check it out go here but u don't have to your choice!

Unlimited (source engine mod)

Darkglenn Blog

i am working on my very first soon to be official mod of the source engine.
its going to be an single player/ multiy player mod with a fresh original story (more info about that later on) its going to be an rps (role play shooter) where u can go to infinity so no limits at all

for now i am pretty much working alone on this mod with the a little help of my clan sCubic witch is working on BoBTech now but since i have a history of actionscript and following studies on C# i am not that good yet at C++ but i try to help them as much as i can.

as soon as i have some decent media and stuff for my mod that i can show off i will post unlimited as an official mod

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