Currently building MiddleEarth... by myself. For being an on/off modder, I'm doing ok, but at at this rate I'll be 50 when I'm done.

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Slowly but surely

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I have abandoned my heightmaps, which were laughable in comparison to LumpyPats maps here...
Since then I have added very few things, just testing and what not. LAst night I modded for the first time in a couple months. I do this from time to time. Get bored with it, then its all I think about for a week or two, and its all i do for those weeks.

I also saw today that MERP project has their own new site which looks great and the work they are doing looks even better.

Last night I played around with some regions and LODs.

Modding: The beginning.

DanwiseG Blog

Modding for me began with Morrowind. My cousin had bought it and we played it taking turns working on a joint character.
One night, he showed me the Construction set, and that you could make your own content to use in the game. I was immediately interested and taught myself how to use TESCS
that very night. My cousin and his friend watched me mess around with
it while I created a new landmass. This led to our friend wanting
his own island. So I built one up and gave him a house so he could use it
with his character. I then thought of what all you could do and
suddenly realised you could basically make Middle Earth if you

aaaaaaand it hasn't stopped since then.

I soon started on a Mod for Morrowind that put MiddleEarth in the world.
Didn't get too far but got some amazing looking mountains which is what
I was trying to focus on.

When Oblivion was announced I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new
TESCS. I think I watched more videos of it than of the game itself.

Ever since TES4 came out I have continued to make my MiddleEarth Mod
better and better.
My new focus is on even bigger mountains and forests than Oblivion.

The real point of this mod is more for the explorer in me.
I want to create a place where you can just walk around and every sight you see is something beautiful, while at the same time you are rewarded with that exploration of middleearth by finding dungeons and plenty of treasure and items.
For instance...Moria.
Moria will quite possibly be the largest/longest dungeon you will ever see. Not all of it will be hack n' slash. Most will be exploring for a way out and trying not to fall to your death (there will be plenty of rest stops along the way, mostly hidden ones). I want you to feel absolutely exhausted and GLAD to see daylight when you finally make your way out.

I also want for the player to be able to take part in small skirmishes between humans, elves, and orcs (sometimes hobbits). Battles on larger scales are usually limited due to the way oblivion runs and the users hardware, so you won't be seeing anything like the movies.

The player would also be able to go to classic landmarks of the middleearth world and explore every nook and cranny. My biggest feat (next to Moria) will be Minas Tirith, which would be the epicenter for all the best shops, pubs, inns, weapons, armor, books, spells, you name it.

As for a due date...

No Idea. Just whenever its finished...

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