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Mafia Remastered

Mod review

Hi, modded this game extensively myself in the past but you did a better job.

Brings back original soundtrack to the butchered GOG/Steam releases.
Realistic car, tram models and names which the devs couldn't use due to legalese.
Shadow flickering of cars is gone.
Draw distance very much improved - now you can see where you're heading to without buildings and bridges popping up at the last moment. So it's a lot easier to navigate the city.
More realistic water shader reflects buildings and lights of street lamps at night.
Animated neon signs at night.
ReShade improves colors and light effects e.g. the cars have vivid colors and look like new from the show room as they were in the 1930's.
Significantly improved textures of trees, landscape, buildings, ad-boards, street surfaces, interiors and so on.
Widescreen fix turns back the gauges to circular from oval.

The whole shebang runs on a comparatively modest setup (i3, Intel HD 5500, 8GB RAM in my case). Btw I'm using Win10x64 Home latest version.

Longer loading times (>10 sec on my M2 SSD)
The new Racing Mode is a nice addition but Championship is bugged. The Little Italy race crashes every time (this seems no individual problem as someone asked about it on Steam forums).

I'm just playing through with all mods and effects enabled. Aside from very few random crashes which I had with the original GOG version too, an occasional screen flicker, weird skybox at the roof of Corleone Hotel I detected no issues so far. Btw I'm using Win10x64 Home latest version.

Overall a well done mod compilation where all mods work nicely together and you can decide which ones to use while not taking too big a performance hit.

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