Gamer and freelance voice-actor.

Voice roles I've done:
Nyarlathotep- The Intern's Story part 3
Logistique- Rooftop Rebel
BrainBread 2- Daniel(Survivor) and Johnson(Mini boss)
Thunder's Leaves - Misc. Rebels
Portal: Google Translate Edition - Party Escort Bot and Toilet
Half-Life 2: Google Translate Edition - Barney Calhoun
ESHQ - Misc. Soldiers and Security Guards
The Apocalypse(of Eden)- Captain Eden

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Profile music: Undertale — Metal Crusher (Mettaton Theme) Acoustic Cover by Lenich & Kirya.

Stay frosty!

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3 members Developer

"I've seen better days..."

White Stallion

White Stallion

4 members Developer & Publisher

We are the developers of Area 51 Remake, made on HL2's Source Engine.

Team Banana

Team Banana

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We develop epic, innovative and surrealistic games! Our next big thing is coming...

Lit Fuse Films

Lit Fuse Films

44 members Arts & Literature

Lit Fuse Films - Machinima Excellence Why not join our Moddb group?

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