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Mod Tester's Handbook goes live!

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The QA tutorial I was working on got so big and complicated I decided to simplify it by splitting it into topics relevant for testers and topics relevant for QA Leads.

The first tutorial is now online (all 11 pages of it!). So take a look, let me know what you think, and you can expect the QA management follow-up tutorial in the coming weeks/months.


Crispy Blog 4 comments

Hello anyone reading, especially you, Mr. Yahoo SlurpBot, you seem to follow me everywhere these days!

Most of the generic information about me can be found in my profile, so not much point repeating all of that. To say a bit more I've been a (professional) games tester for 6 months now and I'm mostly loving it. It looks like SEGA have some good titles in the works so the future looks bright. Anything more personal than that I tend to leave to private conversations (sorry, Mr. SlurpBot, we just don't know enough about eachother!), and I can't say anything about the games I'm testing or know are being tested unless I want to break my NDA and get myself fired, which I don't, so don't ask me.

In my spare time I am writing up a mod that currently goes by the name 'Victorian Detective Adventure'. It will be a fairly experimental mod for the Source (Half-Life 2) engine that will definitely not appeal to everyone, but anyone who likes good storytelling can expect a solid bit of entertainment verging more towards interactive fiction than thorogh-bred gaming. No website or forums for this yet, I'm going to keep it all fairly low-key until we have at least a working prototype of some of the main features. Production will start as soon as I am happily settled in a new flat and the design doc is more or less finished, which should be in a couple of months' time or so.

Anyway, as you may have noticed I also write a big ol' article for the Mod Database every so often (usually relevant to mod management). The main point of this blog post was actually to say that I do try to constantly update these articles, so the best way to find out about any new additions or changes -or even new articles if they don't make the front page- is to watch my profile. I recently went through the Modular Development article and reformatted it completely so it still reads okay with all Intense's recent improvements to the WYSIWYG editor. The Public Relations tutorial is also due for a revamp. Finally I'm doing a QA tutorial at the moment which is a pretty comprehensive guide to designing and managing test programmes and actually testing your mod first-hand. This tutorial should be ready for public consumption in the next few weeks.

To be updated when this happens, watch my profile!

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