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Skype again

crazy..tira Blog 8 comments

Welcome back to crazy..tira's skype rubish talk blog we have something new for you if you read this rubbish anyway

Few days ago i got an contact request from someone or something claiming to be 20 (or 24 years girl from US) of course i notice that the photo is from neck down and taken by a TV remote (in an HD age).

Since it's easy to assume fake profile (like in my last text on this subject) i decide to go with the flow ... AGAIN.


self explanatory image

also for some strange reason during the conversation it says that the person is offline

this was recorded 10.3.2015 same day i posted it here

[8:09:10 PM] pumpkin skirt: hi
[8:09:28 PM] Tira: hi
[8:09:51 PM] pumpkin skirt: hey i found your name on the directory. I'm 24/female wanna chat and share pics?
[8:10:30 PM] Tira: where did you say you found my name
[8:10:36 PM] Tira: ?
[8:10:46 PM] pumpkin skirt: My name is amanda i grew up in Miami.. i'm kinda a small girl with big attributes lol where are you from?
[8:11:07 PM] pumpkin skirt: cool, im just bored as fuk at home! I'm single and looking... have you ever had cyber sex?
[8:11:13 PM] Tira: other side of the globe
[8:11:29 PM] pumpkin skirt: lol, send me a recent pic of you and lets have some fun
[8:11:55 PM] Tira: im not realy photogenic
[8:12:13 PM] pumpkin skirt: sweet like want to see pics of me?
[8:12:16 PM] Tira: i hate taking pics of my self
[8:12:35 PM] pumpkin skirt: I uploaded recent pics here...
[8:13:34 PM] Tira: so you are just going aroud showing your pics (i presume what tipe) to strangers?
[8:13:54 PM] pumpkin skirt: talk to me like a slut baby... do you like girls with big tits? want to see some naughty big tit pics?
[8:14:46 PM] Tira: well im moderatly calm person i dont do hard talk
[8:15:02 PM] pumpkin skirt: ok i'll show you just 1 naughty pic...
[8:16:06 PM] Tira: any specific reason or just like that
[8:16:23 PM] pumpkin skirt: i'm getting wet baby wanna watch me rub my pussy on my cam!?
[8:16:42 PM] Tira: not in the mood
[8:17:06 PM] pumpkin skirt: here! i just sent u an invite to my page accept that! it works on mobile too
[8:20:13 PM] Tira: also i have a girlfriend with great 'atributes' so... its kinda... well you know. (yawn)
[8:21:44 PM] Tira: im sory to burst your bubble
[8:22:12 PM] pumpkin skirt: Don't worry baby the site i'm on is FREE to join this site all you have to do is register they support mobile phones too :)
[8:24:21 PM] Tira: yes but it is requred that mobile phones support internet
[8:24:57 PM] pumpkin skirt: fill out your cc info baby for Age verification ONLY, your card will not be charged. ok i'm ready for u now
[8:25:31 PM] Tira: soo i need a credit card ?
[8:25:48 PM] pumpkin skirt: ok babe.. talk to you in there.. gonna put my phone to charge.. mwa! xoxo btw my username is UxoHottiexo
[8:28:20 PM] Tira: ok now just a runcheck is this an aTbms ?
[8:28:38 PM] pumpkin skirt: k
[8:29:00 PM] Tira: ?

Well at least the English is OK this time. I made up aTbms roughly translates to 'automatic troll bot message something' since i suspected a bot as the answers are completely random. I did not open any links i got in this text since i hate cleaning my PC from viruses

So to recap if this continues expect more of this blogs here. As much as im informed this happens on skype often and on social networks it is more like a sport . If you have issues or funny experiences like these feel free to post them here. Expect another one soon since i have another patient waiting. LOL

Yes i forgot you see the credit card line i wanted to type that i don't have one (no seriously) well call me old fashioned but i use a checkbook much cheaper if you want to buy something big ,has no interest.

see ya, till the next time

well at last some good news (for me to be honest)

crazy..tira Blog

soo this year in february i aplyed for the army ,eweyone who knows me personaly thought it was a logical step for me , and they said theyl call me when they proces all info they have, that was in february i started working on a fuel barge with my godfather to kill some time and earn some money while i wait.
i can say not on my list of easy jobs because i was like Mike Rowe for the most time, but i earned a nice sum of 1000e for two months. so i quit the yob and started planting fruit an my land that i got from grandfather and i almost gave up hope for that call i was waiting. but one morning my mother flyes in mi room and wakes me with words 'for the fu*cks sake get up you have a call from ministry of defence waiting' i answer the phone and a pleasant womens woice tels me that i need to come tomorow to their ofice for further instructions. so the next day i drove my crap-blue yugo to city (since i live in a vilage 23km away). some uniformed guy whos rank i didnt seem to remember told us to come to the military hospital for testing (not portal like testing) of our phisical and psychical capability... im puting too much description to this text am i but i like it. we went to test i pased first test with above average (a lot above average) so only phisical remains that kinda scared me because i have kinda bad knee (if i speled it corectly ,hate using translator) long story... but i pased it alsoo above average. the next day of course for some interesting reason yugo which never failed me before didnt want to start batery was i was 10min late and mised the main part of also some uniformed guy which was from some armored unit that got from two litle tanks on his shoulders, i aproached the desk since i mised the sighning part and the guy in front of me asked for the results of testing and the woman behind the desk said 'you and this guy (says last name) have the best score ,but (my last name here) has Twice your score and the other guy's'. i belive my head made a hole in the celing but i held my sences .i sighned ,or as i lake to save gave my autogram and got my military papers so in march next year im going to the army ...

so to conclude now you know that the mod blast out will be released till then and i will most likely replace my yugo with something else
now im happy i have the honor to serve my country im also proud of my self and i stil think my english sucks ,as my grandma always says 'a boy goes to the army to return as a man'
crazy..tira sighning out

skype pranks and scams

crazy..tira Blog 1 comment

omfg what happened to me this is funny as much as its sad if i was American i would kick this guy's ass for messing around with my military personnel

so what happened i got contact request by the person naming him self as Gen. William B. Caldwell he even used his picture
ok i know its something wrong but curiosity killed the cat

Conversation goes like this:
(copied from skype i removed my name for private reasons)
[6/24/2012 8:35:00 PM] gen.william.caldwell: hello.. how are u doing?

[6/25/2012 2:35:33 PM] Tira: Tira has shared contact details with gen.william.caldwell.
[6/25/2012 2:36:02 PM] Tira: and you are??
[6/25/2012 2:37:08 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am fine
[6/25/2012 2:37:31 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am gen william caldwell from us and u?
[6/25/2012 2:37:44 PM] Tira: orly
[6/25/2012 2:37:55 PM] gen.william.caldwell: yea
[6/25/2012 2:38:08 PM] Tira: do i know you from somwhere
[6/25/2012 2:38:56 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i like so but not so
[6/25/2012 2:39:10 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i like you are a god sent
[6/25/2012 2:39:33 PM] gen.william.caldwell: and am new here on skype
[6/25/2012 2:40:02 PM] Tira: for what and just to tell you it doesnt seem that you are from US
[6/25/2012 2:41:27 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i dont understand you
[6/25/2012 2:41:45 PM] Tira: well your englesh is not that good
[6/25/2012 2:42:07 PM] Tira: also what do you need need help or what
[6/25/2012 2:42:23 PM] Tira: did chris send you
[6/25/2012 2:42:43 PM] gen.william.caldwell: who is chris
[6/25/2012 2:43:47 PM] Tira: the only ohter person who speeaks english over skype with me
[6/25/2012 2:44:11 PM] gen.william.caldwell: who is what
[6/25/2012 2:44:36 PM] Tira: are you a moder
[6/25/2012 2:45:02 PM] gen.william.caldwell: who are you
[6/25/2012 2:45:15 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am a general
[6/25/2012 2:45:27 PM] Tira: i think you got a wrong person
[6/25/2012 2:45:43 PM] gen.william.caldwell: no
[6/25/2012 2:46:00 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am new here pls dont talk like that ok
[6/25/2012 2:46:51 PM] Tira: ok... what do you need if i can help i will
[1:06:13 PM] *** Call from gen.william.caldwell ***
[1:06:23 PM] Tira: i have no mike
[1:07:01 PM] Tira: or camera
[1:07:38 PM] Tira: sry
[1:07:50 PM] Tira: i use only chat
[1:07:53 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:07:57 PM] Tira: untill i buy it
[1:08:21 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am here for something good my friend
[1:08:31 PM] Tira: shoot
[1:08:59 PM] gen.william.caldwell: before i will tell you this i need to truth you frist
[1:09:20 PM] Tira: what do you mean
[1:10:28 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i mean am here for business
[1:10:47 PM] Tira: what kind of buisnes
[1:10:47 PM] gen.william.caldwell: can i trust you?
[1:10:54 PM] Tira: yeah sure
[1:11:05 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:11:13 PM] gen.william.caldwell: thank u
[1:12:00 PM] Tira: and why did you call you could text me anyway
[1:12:20 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i will be retiring this year and i need a help from you now
[1:12:39 PM] Tira: i dont know if i can help
[1:12:49 PM] Tira: untill you tell me what
[1:14:11 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:14:18 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i will tel you
[1:14:59 PM] gen.william.caldwell: promise me that you will not fel me
[1:15:29 PM] Tira: you mean fail
[1:16:55 PM] gen.william.caldwell: yes
[1:17:02 PM] Tira: so what's the deal
[1:17:29 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:19:41 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i have some money in africa now so last week i go to africa to withdraw the money but they said i can withdraw the money untill i transfer the money to another country
[1:20:01 PM] Tira: so
[1:21:21 PM] gen.william.caldwell: so if c you can help recieve it there you will be giving 30% of the money
[1:22:43 PM] gen.william.caldwell: the money is 40,000000 USD i dont want my money to lost please help me out
[1:23:27 PM] Tira: hmmm let me gues money is in Ghana
[1:23:53 PM] Tira: Accra to bee axact
[1:24:03 PM] gen.william.caldwell: no
[1:24:17 PM] Tira: then?
[1:25:29 PM] gen.william.caldwell: the money is in nigeria
[1:27:55 PM] Tira: so what do you need to transfer that sum of money
[1:28:52 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i dont want my money to get lost
[1:29:00 PM] *** Call ended, duration 22:46 ***
[1:29:00 PM] Tira: and is it leegal i dont think that you can transfer that amount easily you need federal licence in my country to do something like that
[1:29:20 PM] gen.william.caldwell: so i need u to save the money there for me
[1:29:22 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:30:08 PM] Tira: so how do you transfer it
[1:31:07 PM] Tira: huh
[1:31:35 PM] gen.william.caldwell: dont worry i will give u the bank manager email
[1:31:57 PM] gen.william.caldwell: and they will tell you what to do
[1:33:18 PM] Tira: just to tell you i dont acept or give calls to roreign countries
[1:33:51 PM] Tira: my telephone company does not alow that
[1:34:07 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i understand you
[1:34:16 PM] gen.william.caldwell: you can trust me
[1:34:21 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:36:16 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am serious about this business my friend
[1:37:22 PM] Tira: wait i also have a contact request from some bank manager forom africa Ghana soo...
[1:38:01 PM] gen.william.caldwell: really
[1:38:11 PM] Tira: yes
[1:38:29 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ohhhhhhhh
[1:38:40 PM] gen.william.caldwell: who is that to be
[1:39:22 PM] Tira: his name is rachid coffi or something
[1:39:23 PM] gen.william.caldwell: hello
[1:39:45 PM] gen.william.caldwell: an not here for that am here for business
[1:39:47 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:43:20 PM] *** Call from gen.william.caldwell, duration 00:08. ***
[1:44:17 PM] Tira: from what city are you from
[1:45:34 PM] gen.william.caldwell: am from columbus city
[1:46:53 PM] gen.william.caldwell: you ask too much u dont believe me anymore
[1:47:49 PM] Tira: no im just interested in military and you are general right
[1:48:46 PM] Tira: just to tell you pick any tank jet or helicopter and i give you the specs
[1:49:29 PM] Tira: i'm military expert
[1:49:47 PM] Tira: and i work for the goverment
[1:50:01 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok good
[1:50:32 PM] Tira: i worked on most modern projects
[1:51:09 PM] Tira: and do you realy think you can trust me
[1:52:14 PM] gen.william.caldwell: i will trust you because u are a militart man like me
[1:52:24 PM] Tira: you should ask friends for help not strangers
[1:52:47 PM] Tira: just so you can be sure about their intentions
[1:53:20 PM] gen.william.caldwell: sou dont want to help me
[1:53:31 PM] Tira: i didnt't say that
[1:53:58 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:54:02 PM] gen.william.caldwell: thank u
[1:54:40 PM] Tira: ok now what should i do
[1:55:20 PM] gen.william.caldwell: you have to contact the bank manager now
[1:55:39 PM] gen.william.caldwell: let me give you they email now
[1:55:42 PM] gen.william.caldwell: ok
[1:59:11 PM] *** Call from gen.william.caldwell ***
[2:00:23 PM] Tira: do you have the mike
[2:00:40 PM] *** Call ended, duration 01:30 ***
[2:01:10 PM] Tira: if not why are you constantly calling i said i dont have the mike
[2:02:37 PM] gen.william.caldwell: no
[2:10:34 PM] gen.william.caldwell: are u there?
[2:13:17 PM] Tira: dude lets face it you are not a general and there is no money even if there is i couldnt care less i dont need anything so go try someone else
P.S. your english gave you out next time use translator
P.P.S. at least thank you for few good laughs

and at the end i can asume what hapened

i didn't remove grammar mistakes because he said he is from USA i mean for me its normal to make a few mistakes but an American should have no trouble with English

so to conclude some guys are just idiots also i had another one like this pending during this conversation but ignored got boring pretty quick
well that's all folks

crazy..tira out

generals, generals everywhere !

crazy..tira Blog

today i was pasing by the tv and sister was looking some dinosaur cartoon that is placed in future and i dont know how but first thing on scren when i looked was cnc generals Alpha tech lab in a cartoon !!!! and a guy standing in front of it is saying 'this will be your new home ' WTF but they even used the same texture and it was some c production CGI cartoononly the model was much more detailed but it is tech lab!also another fact on alympic games in china they were playing USA01 generals theme on opening and country introductions all i say is WIERD
edit: this is not an april fools i forgot totaly that this is day for jokes

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