I am a British modder currently living in Oxford. I am also currently attending the Oxford Cherwell Valley College. I've been modding from quite a young age and have been able to build up my skills quite significantly over the years. I am a modeller, coder and mapper. I primarily focus on organic modelling but I can do some hard surface as well. I'm also a voice actor. I own a SAMSON C01U Studio Condenser microphone which has little to no room noise. I have voice acted on a few projects in the past however I do wish to expand my list of voice work. If you want me to help out on your mod or game project, just give me a ring on skype or steam and we'll talk there. I don't always join projects for free as I do not have huge amounts of free time, however I will voice act for free as I do enjoy doing it and it's not as time consuming as the other jobs. Thank you very much for reading my Profile Bio. - Alfred

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I recently played a UT2004 which entertained me for hours. Blue Moon Rising is a new-ish zombie mod. You play a special ops member with a limited number of other players ( or bots ). You fight hordes of the undead and this is a true survival game. Unlike games with strategy you have to frantically fight waves of zombies who are increasing in number each round. All you have to do is find areas where you’re most likely to survive and whatever you do, do not cluster-fuck. It’s a really bad idea to stick together. You have to stay spread out as much as you can.
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You start off with a shambling zombie. They are strong but easy to kill with a couple of shots with your pistol. Then they get stronger and stronger. Some start running and some start mutating until it becomes an insane battle for survival against hundreds of the undead!

The setting for this mod is very similar to that of killing floor’s with the exception of the characters and weapons. The very BLACK style weapons cease to entertain me. You have a very small selection ( from what I’ve seen ) but it adds a certain sense of achievement if you find a weapon in one of the many routes and crannies in the maps. My personal favourite is the Heavy Machine-Gun. And of course one of my favourite things is how these weapons effect the zombies. The gibbing in this mod shows how much effort was put in. You can blow the brains out, shoot the legs off, shoot half of the face off. A lot more gory possibilities than you’re given in the regular UT2004.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf I were to give this mod a rating I would give it a 4/5. This would be better if the zombies weren’t too overpowered. Also there are too many zombie games where you have mutated freaks and I’ve frankly had enough. I just want good old zombies back. The weapons do run out of ammo rather quickly too and the jump function seems to be taken but other than that this mod can provide hours of interesting gameplay!

Thanks for reading.
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Link to this mod: Moddb.com

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