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Need to figure out a way to get all different aspects of Axis Player to work. On a side note, started to play heaps of free-to-play *cough* pay-to-win *cough* games (nah just one of them is) together with Leon.

Path of Exile - quite fun to play with a couple of people you know, gets boring after about 20 hours of in-game time.
Trackmania Nations Forever - Really fun game to play with people you know, shout at them for beating your record and just let the rage quits come :D
Warframe - Awsome game, too bad there are lots of things that require real money to buy and take ages to get if you pay it with in-game currency, still in development, not much map variety though, turtle levelling speed (not as slow as other games though).
Fallen Earth - Well, a great game that gets little attention, and if it gets attention, it's often negative. Me and Leon on the other hand really enjoy the game, the progress is sometimes a little slow, but #YOLO, there is a lot to do, huge ass maps that me and Leon have not explored completely. We played the game like a year ago and started playing again every once in a while.

Everyone wants me to start playing League of Legends again, so I might do in the future.

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