i have loved games since i was first shown one and my favorite is the half life series and when i see mods for any of these games i go crazy. my favorite story is of crpl.sheperd. this guy went through alot of shit and he deserves the oppertunity gordon has plus i think hes better. more about me is i have many siblings one i want to beat the crap out of every day. i also loved my tech class i had once but i never got to have another one. if i could learn one thing about computers it would be on how to make a mod and other stuff like that. i am also i nice guy so u might see me floatin around and if u see one of my comments and it sounds mean i usualy was going for contructive critisizem.

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i am just one guy who is clueless on how to make a mod and i wish i knew because i have many great ideas on mods so if u can help me find my email and email me with instructions or just ask me for ideas. i have also seen some good mods around for half life 2 like opposing force 2 and i am tracking it because i love opf and iv only imagined what opf2 would look like. another is a remake for the half life 1 mod black ops called black ops source i cant wait because that is among one of my favorite mods and that team is going to make a great mod.

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From the planet of Korriban we emerged.. surrounded in darkness hate and anger... our time has come. The Galaxy will be ours.

sheperds elites

sheperds elites

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we are a group that loves the game charecter cprl.shepered and anyone in the group should be tracking a opposing force mod remake or mod sequal but mainly...

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