I've been playing computer games since the days of Hack (the one BEFORE Nethack), and my favorite games are RPG's. Somehow, the exact same gameplay appeals to me more if it's swords against ghouls than if it's blasters against aliens. Even though I love reading science fiction and have read tons of it, for some reason I don't especially like SF games; I much prefer a fantasy setting.

I really enjoyed Might & Magic 6 and 7 and Baldur's Gate, and even though I usually prefer PC games, I really liked Dragon Quest VIII. My favorite game, though, is The Witcher.

I'm a middle-aged woman, and a lot of games seem somewhat childish to me, whereas the Witcher has enough depth and ambiguity to appeal to a mature gamer. The attention to detail in the game is just staggering, and it was clearly a labor of love, done by those who adored the novels on which it was based.

I've made my own adventure for The Witcher, called "Medical Problems," and have already begun working on Chapter Two.

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The conclusion of "Medical Problems" has been released!
It's called "Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease," and you can get it at Corylea.com.


"Disease?" I hear you say. "But witchers don't GET sick!" Ah, but you see, in "Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease," a mage has used the stolen witchers' secrets to create a disease that's specifically targeted to witchers, one that will overcome that famous witcher's immunity. Who has done such a thing? And why? And most importantly, how can Geralt stop them? Play "Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease" and find out.

If you played "Medical Problems," "Medical Problems 2" is the continuation -- and conclusion -- of that story. But if you didn't play "Medical Problems," it's okay; you can still play "Medical Problems 2." The new adventure opens with a recap of the story so far, so you can dive right in. Of course, if you want to play the first "Medical Problems" before you play MP2, don't let me stop you! But you don't have to.

The game has several different possible endings, depending on which choices you make while playing. Five choices each have consequences, and which ending you get depends on the combination of choices.

Geralt has monsters to kill, human lives to save, a mystery to solve, and witcher contracts to fulfill. There are also some ladies to woo, though all but one of those encounters is optional. :-)

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Nice work so far... I liked the short story you added the nice screenshots... can't wait wait to see and play the mod...
P.S. I like the Melitele statue

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Corylea Creator

Thank you, Aerya!

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