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We are a small rugged indie team from Queensland, Australia. Here you can find information and updates about the games we are working on.

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We've got some new things to show you! Check out the video below for a look at the Offensive Barrage, Shield Walls, Time Drop and Credit Towers.

These are designed to make the game a little more interesting and break up the sections in between the combat islands.

Don't forgot to vote YES on Greenlight if you like what you see!

Hi Everyone,

In case you missed it, we've been working on version 0.9 of Squid God Assault Squad. A few things have changed so here we go!

We've taken your feedback into consideration and done an overhaul of the art style! All of the levels have been retextured and new assets have been added to beef the environment up a bit.

On top of that other things have changed. Puzzles have been added to break up certain areas, enemies have been changed up to make them more challenging and some of the characters have new abilities!

You can get the full version here:

As of build 0.9 there are 10 levels for PC with Mac still going through testing. We are also still working on a Linux build so if you use this system try out the demo and let us know your thoughts.

A demo is available for you to try out and leave feedback on-

Please continue to let us know what you think!

Coffee Infused :)

Welcome back, We've been absent for a little bit fixing things up and preparing the early access game. So here it is for those interested-

If you try the game please, please, please leave us some feedback on it!

So what's new? We've fixed how powerful the projectiles were, given Mr Happy a little bit of a damage wave when he throws his shield down. My Happy also has a shield barge attack to mow down enemies and break certain barriers. The Enemies spawn more often and are tied to where your characters are placed. So if you're not moving them wisely, watch out the NPC's will be on the hunt.

Aside from the character updates there is now a credit system. Right now they make the radius surrounding death larger, allowing Roddy to venture out further. There are 10 levels in as of July '15 and they are randomly generated so it'll be a new experience each time. That's about it for now as far as new features go. We'll be updating a lot more in the coming weeks once the next lot of feedback comes in.

And here's an updated gameplay video!

Coma Ward Hiatus

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Hi Everyone,

We've put Coma Ward on hiatus due to timing issues. Our team is made up of a number of people working full time jobs, studying and in some cases both. Because of this it's sometimes difficult to find the time for game projects. So for now, Coma Ward is on hold. We're unsure of its future at this point, but there's always a chance it'll come back one day.


Coffee infused

First up, Coma Ward is coming along nicely. We're preparing to test soon so look out for new screen shots this week!

Second, Squid God Assault Squad! What is it/I missed it/What when where? Squid God is another game we've been working on, you can see the games page HERE. In a nutshell Squid God is a strategy squad shooter where you take on the role of Death and his companions hunting down Cthulhu, he who cannot die. It's a mixture of the Cthulhu mythos meets Moby Dick with Death as the captain chasing his own version of the white whale.

Finally, Winter Maw is now free from Desura alternatively you can also grab here as a pay what you want game (can also be free). Happy playing!

That's what we've been up to.

Coma Ward!

CoffeeInfused Blog

We're back with a new game! This is Coma Ward, a hospital game where you're thrown into the deep end and expected to keep everyone alive.

Here's a first look at some of the characters.

We've started working on some new ideas. More to come as we flesh it out!

This time we're trying for a mobile game. Something you can play on the go and won't have to dedicate long periods of time to. This one will also be straying from our usual survival horror path!

In the meantime Winter Maw is still there to be played!

Back To Work

CoffeeInfused Blog

We're heading back to the studio this week to decide on our next project. Updates to come soon! We're also still waiting to hear back from Desura about publishing Winter Maw. Until then you can find it HERE.

Have a safe first week of 2015 everyone!

Thank you all for your support, comments and feedback over the last year. Without you all we wouldn't have the version of Winter Maw that we have. We appreciate you a whole lot, each and every one of you. Even the people who wrote "." instead of answering survey questions with words.

Have a safe and happy time doing whatever you're doing until next year!

Coffee Infused

PS. Winter Maw is there for you as a last minute panic gift.

This is the first release with more episodes planned. Currently there are 5 levels available to play through.

Grab it here if you can't wait until it's out on Desura.

Please, please, please let us know if you have any trouble/encounter any bugs/just want to leave us some general feedback.