Yo, name's Daniel or as it goes on the web - Checalov. Got no clue about coding or programming and have no intention into getting into that field, prefer designing in photoshop and such even though I'm not the best.

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So, few good news for me ;
S&R's first Alpha testing session went successful, personally I enjoyed quite a bit and that's only the Alpha so there's alot to expect when it's fully released.
Second is, got me Godfather 2 and Metro 2033, gonna check them out soon :>.
And third and last, just had a nice chat with my girlfriend of phone, morale + 10 :).
Seems like a nice weekend after all.


Checalov Blog

League of Legends is so much bullshit, I barely made it into a game with the horrible menu and layout and then had endless errors trying to pick a class, after around 10 tries I fucking rage quitted, gay piece of shit. Heroes of Newerth's much better.
Also, had the chance to install both LotR : Conquest and BC2 this morning, I missed these two. Gonna complete Conquest with a friend of mine on Heroic :).

Learning to map.

Checalov Blog

Ben convinced me to start mapping so yeah, downloading Source SDK as I'm writing this.
Hopefully I'll get the hang of this quickly to start mapping for S&R.
What reminds me - I should totally get Farcry 2 installed again just for the Map Editor, I spent hours in ti making shit like mazes and Glider-race maps.

On another note, I'm reinstalling League of Legends which I haven't touched for around a year (Early beta tester), time to get into shape and pwn bitches since Season 1 began.

Moddb profile's up.

Checalov Blog

So, me and a friend settled here in Moddb with the hope to find good C&C on our work, hoping to see a good community.
About the job, working on some graphic-ideas and concept for ''S&R'', it's a bitch cause I can't play any good games to fresh my mind with original ideas, dad's using the advanced laptop which means no playable FPS until he's going to sleep.
On a side note, my girlfriend went to week long course about advertisement and such which means I'm lonely for the whole week :(, atleast she's having fun there and I got a lots of time to work on whatever I need to. I actually planned to go to my dad's woodshop and start sweating for a little buck but no workers are needed so far.

That's us by the way :

She's better than me in photoshop :).

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