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WARNING: There are major spoilers for those who did not finish the first part of KSBH.

If you are wondering how I came up with the original character in the mod, This may not surprise some of you, but he is me. From beliefs, to personality, background, and mostly everything else. Before I played KS, I Learned of it from a video talking about it and telling me to play it. I felt Bored, Empty, and wanted a purpose like my "character". Also, since I had ESE classes for my "emotional/learning disability", I thought it was a nice coincidence. Even though Lilly says in her original path(which I my get to modding if you guys are in high demand for it, although I didn't finish it because I was emotionally exhausted)that Yamaku doesn't take mentally disabled students, I found that as a continuity error because Hanako's anxiety disorder can count as such and Mutou implies that in a scene in Hanako's path. I will get to a few more continuity errors later, but for now I will list more coincidences. "Risk vs. Reward" was a minor one. I got into Risk at some point before reading the original story and played it occasionally. Besides that chapter and the setting in general, there was more.

Near the end of "Mind your step" in the original story, It's was June 8th, my friend's birthday, but in order to point out more coincidences and to fit the plot near release time, I changed the date of when things happened In act 1. One of the reasons I wanted to play KS was because I didn't know what to do with myself for reasons mentioned in Burning hearts' good ending. So what other coincidences did I find? Lilly in "Antiques and pie" and Mutou in various scenes both in Hanako's and Lilly's paths ask what I wanted to do with my future! In one of the scenes where Mutou mentions the topic(namely "Day by Day" in Lilly's path), Hisao responded that he wanted to do something scientific. My goals mentioned at the end of Burning hearts have to do with science too, and one of those goals I had formed in middle school. Hanako and I share more than a few similarities like survivor guilt and anxiety. My anxiety was more of a concentrational thing when working with people with behavioral disorders in the ESE setting, so I had the ability to leave the classroom to concentrate better on my work or If I felt stressed out. We also both have theripists, although it is not uncommon. But I don't trust my theripist with what I am bringing up here because it's his JOB to do that, so he might not genuinely care.
Before the H-scene in the original Hanako path, Hisao shares his past with her, which made me bring up my own after all of the other scary coincidences that convinced me to feel that what I was doing was real. MY survivor guilt was vast, I felt that way toward any death at all and to me, it showed myself that I failed whoever died and the ones mourning their loss. That is how much I empathized with people. I know how It feels to have a void where something vital to your way of life is gone and no insurance if you could feel the same way again through reason and experience although only a total of 1 immediate family member, countless distant family members and family friends, and 3 pets. I also know It isn't much compared to others, but that's were my reasoning comes in. My reasoning also questions how someone can just "move on" an act like they never knew that person.

I like to think that Hanako and other "fictional" people exist within different realms of existence and/or other universes (which ties into burning hearts a bit). Another one of my goals was to change human nature through DNA and take out the genes that gave ideas of selfish grandeur like greed, bloodlust, and irritability. My friends and family discourage me from setting these "impossible" goals for myself, but I know it requires other people's help to be not impossible. A continuity error that I saw was that that despite the original text being in perfect English, Hisao mentioned that he was horrible at learning English! So I fixed that by having a bit of the dialogue in romanji, but in some cases like the birthday party, not the whole time because the rest of the time with Akira in that scene was meant to be that everyone was speaking Japanese and the text was a translation into English.

I am hoping what I said about people being stupid, aggressive sheep to be proven wrong after you read this and please respond with how you think about this and some help with what I can do with my life. Thanks for reading, and I love you guys!

Edit: I fixed that last gripe with brackets. I originally did not know you could use them in the script like regular text. Silly me.


Just gonna mention you should leave a space between paragraphs, it really helps keep the eyes from getting strained if the paragraphs are spaced.

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