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Ceri_Cat @ Little Kingdom

Executable is detected as a trojan by Comodo Internet Security. Submitted for analysis.

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Ceri_Cat @ Deadbuild

Yeah it's not loading for me on my system, closes without any error without showing anything helpful.

* OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional N
* CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ (9% load), L2/3: 2 MiB
* RAM: 2.0 GiB Total (649.6 MiB Free), Used: 68%
* HDD: 2.73 TiB Total, Used: 2.08 TiB, Free: 669.43 GiB
* GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT (512 MiB)
* Screen: DPC:7037, 1024x768 @ 85 Hz, 32 bit

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Ceri_Cat @ Darwinia

I've been a bit of a fan of Introversion's work since they released Uplink and I have to say some of the comments here sadden me because they show people with no understanding of what they're really looking at.

Darwinia is not built on source, in fact most of the coding for Darwinia is purely Introversion's work apart from common libraries which are easier to work with than trying to redesign the wheel ie DirectX API.

The graphics are deliberately simple in appearance in keeping with theme and Introversion's own work ethic which is focused on gameplay over bells and whistles. There is a simple easily understandable interface, the game is playable on lower end machines provided you're willing to switch off some of the options which relieves the processor of those bits of number crunching to cope with the sometimes thousands of objects on screen, seriously many of the maps had to have limitations imposed on spawning to keep Darwinia from bringing down even the bleeding edge machines with the extra AI processing required, I can attest to this on some of the later maps even with a computer beyond the original recommendations there are times when I switch off graphic options so the game maintains a decent speed. So those low polygon count models help keep things going for even the better machines and it's not down to bad coding (as a point of fact in the original HL most of the common place monsters are limited to 30-40 polygons each to keep the game playable when you have more than a few about).

The retro game style also attracts the sort of people Introversion made these games for, the people for whom eye candy is not the first thing they want, or even the second, first they want a game that is fun to play, second they want a game that will keep them interested. Darwinia does this, including the fact it appeals to people like myself who like games which are approachable from a modders perspective. And I've seen some pretty cool mod ideas come out of my fellow Darwinia players, and played through a few which adding onto the hours I enjoyed playing the original.

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