Then you are on the right place!!

My Rank on this page, obviously does not represent my skills level. Im new on this community but not in modeling !
I'm Spanish, im 22 years old and i've learning programming in various languages for 5 years and modeling for 2, i've been working in both and always with impressive results for the companies.

My works are awesome in programming. I always try to find the best solution to make an application as fast as efficient as compatible, hard to see nowadays.

My models have good quality using the cheapest amount of polygons and are always made in the less amount of time. My knowledge about the optimization and how video games work is high.
If you want to know more about my skills or past jobs, use the private messages on this site. I look at them almost every week.

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Cazaf Blog

Hey guys!, I know the development of the hyp mod is being a little slow but there are some new brilliant cool news!

ALL the bugs that didn't let us play have been fixed completely!

We are now just adding new features and little minor changes that you wont notice but they need to be there!

Yes remember those games on the alpha 0.1 version when a lot of dead bodies on the floor started lagging the server?
That doesn't happen anymore! There can be like dozens of bodies on the ground and you can explode them.

I'm surprised you still want to play this game after all this time! This is really what we care about. This is really going to be the best mod for Alien Swarm.

Every week i will be posting some news about the mod, those news that you cannot see on the official site but you want to hear.

This week is for the new humvee and its different skins.

These are the new models for the version 0.2 on a front view. There are 3 different skins.

Humvee skin 1 frontHumvee skin 3 frontHumvee skin 2 frontHumvee skin 1 backHumvee skin 3 backHumvee skin 2 back

Humvee skin 2 doors

Click on the images to look at them bigger.

The humvees with the doors closed are for decorating the map, the humvees without doors are for driving them, thats how you will recognice a drivable vehicle. The decoration ones also have the top closed.

This is a picture of the old humvee for comparison
old humvee
The humvee has also been improved when you drive it, new suspensions, new gearbox and new engine. (Actually they are the same but tweaked by a professional driver: Me)
Yes, i also did some improvements to the code of this mod, i helped a little bit because they needed help with the code despite i am here for modeling but never is wrong to help out.
I will tell you what i did in the code the next week.

  • - Do you think you can make new skins for these humvees or help us with this mod? Send a message to me.
  • - Did you find any typo or mistake on this post? Just send a message to me because my native language is not English and I am always ready to improve it :)

I hope you liked this !

Hypovolemia mod

Hypovolemia mod

Cazaf Blog
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Rose-Boom: Beauty of Destruction

Rose-Boom: Beauty of Destruction

7 members Developer

We are the Rose-Boom modding team. We are currently working on "Hypovolemia" using the alien swarm SDK.

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