I am finnish guy who likes to play rpg,fps and rts games. I have xbox 360 please add me as your friend if you want to play something cool with me :D you can see my gamertag from the contact slot or whatever it is. I am trying to start voice acting and editing them, you can see some samples in the media section

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Oh no another game flood!! a.k.a games i gotta buy

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As i said "game flood" that's what i call it

From the beginning of next year till the end, loooots of games are going to be released and i am gonna put here what those games are (of course there's some that i don't know about and remember these are just what i am interrested in)

First of all, a game that i have waited for so long is released at January 25, 2011, you know what i mean.....Dead Space 2!! as awesome as it sounds i hope that it brings lots of new things and not recycle old stuff from DS1, check it out from if you haven't heard of it Deadspace.ea.com (what i really doubt) Let dismember our friends!

Well moving on, Deus Ex Human Revolution is released at March 8, 2011. Me myself were a litte bit suprised when it was announced and it would be released so soon. to me Deus Ex Humand Revolution is just something that i can't wait because i love rpg, scifi, fps and they are all in one at this game. Check it out from here Deusex.com

Onto to the next one Mass Effect 3 will be released next year also (maybe) i really don't know what to say from it, i hope it will be a good one Masseffect.bioware.com

Few days ago i heard that The Elder Scroll V Skyrim is going to released next year, at November 11, 2011 (if that's correct) my hopes for it will be that it is not as bad as Oblivion but take some direction onto Morrowind Elderscrolls.com

If this info is correct..Doom 4 will be released too but i highly think not, but it's TBA 2011 Idsoftware.com

This is awesome..Silent Hill 8 might be released next year. One good thing is that it seems different from the other silent hill games and that is because the music composer has changed so it's not Akira Yamaoka anymore, well that's a good think for me at least....sorry no website

This is a game you all have been waiting for....Portal 2!! i hope it's as awesome as the first one was, no it should be even better because they said that Portal 1 was a test game and Portal 2 is an full pledged game so well see about that. Thinkwithportals.com

Onto some games that i "think" maybe they will be released next year, Diablo 3 and D3 is as close to my heart as my own brother and i mean it. I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS GAME WON'T DISAPPOINT ME!!! ..sob... Us.blizzard.com

And lastly a game i discovered not too long ago but i am eagerly waiting for it..E.Y.E. developed by Streumon studios and it this like no one of you have ever heard of it :D enough jibber jabber this is the games website Eye.streumon-studio.com

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