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CaporalDxl @ Khergit Hordes

Oh yeah, I was logged off. I'm putting this here so I can see any comments on this :D

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CaporalDxl @ Crusader - Sacra Regna

Coming back to this, I realize that some of the things I've written here are a bit overkill, but still those over-sized photos in the city menus make it* difficult as hell to read.
Also, the naked thing is just a problem with being in, you know, a family so it's kinda awkward playing this mod.

*edit: I initially wrote 'are' instead of 'make it'

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CaporalDxl @ Warsword Conquest

Considering Chaos is my favorite faction of the mod, I can't wait for this :D

However, may I ask (I'm sorry if it was already written somewhere, but I didn't find anything) when/an approximation of when this update's gonna come out?

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CaporalDxl @ Medieval Conquests

Hey! I like this mod, even more than Anno Domini 1257, but there is a bug I found that is funny, but gets annoying: I am the king of England and I own London and its' manor. Whenever I go to the manor though, most of the times I spawn not on my horse near that castle building where the seneschal is, but in the middle of the manor, on foot, and all around town there are "me"s that I can talk to. There is an option saying something about not wanting to be marchal anymore, and another in which I could theoretically put myself under his protection. Also, near that castle thing there is also me but on horseback (it is the horse from my inventory) with the same available dialogue. I didn't try any of these things, because I have a realistic no save game and I don't want to ruin it, but yeah it's sloppier to get around town like this.

Details: I still see people walking around, but not villagers, only special dudes like wandering poets and such. The priest is alright, and I guess all of the other sellers. The "me"s stand still and sometimes make barriers on some of the smaller roads so I have to squish through them to get to where I want.

Other details: I have the game and the patch installed, I have the latest M&B version (1.173 I think) and a bought version of the game (Steam). Never seen this bug in the A.D. 1257 mod.

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CaporalDxl @ Crusader - Sacra Regna

Not a big fan. It's mostly a retexture, some numbers were changed, but there are still things from the original game (I found Kheright armor, a Wercheg bandit and some other stuff), some pictures of cities go over buttons, most of photos were directly stripped off that one movie that I forgot the name of. Overall I don't find this mod super fun. There are naked people too (which, you know, is not why I came to mount and blade for) and some other crap.
Of course there good things in the mod too, like the map (which however is not accurately positioned considering the cardinal points) and the rename of soldiers.

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CaporalDxl @ WARSWORD CONQUEST (Mount & Blade Warband Mod): Beginner's Guide and Tips

Uhm, I found a very big orange-colored demon horde that attacks either my enemies or me. I did make a screenshot, but, well I didn't save it :|. I'll get a new one when I find them again, but if anyone knows about those guys, please help (it's not like one of those red demon hordes that help you (I am chaos), but an orange one that hates me with passion and I don't yet have the men to take that guys down) They're like 250+ men and 80 prisoners or so. In their ranks they have loads of chaos units, demons, goblins and some other random crap.

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