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Caeser Creator

The Lore:
Each faction represents certain type of Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.

So get ready for WW4.

new factions

Faction Name: Mad Outlands
Inspired by or Reference: Mad Max, Water World
Locations: Australia
Background: People could survive in desert.
Units: Troopers and weird cars in late age
Main Colour: Orange

Faction Name: Third Carthage Empire
Inspired by or Reference: Carthage Empire
Locations: North Africa
Background: Old Empire returns, reference to Fallout Caesar legion.
Units: Carthage Empire
Main Colour: White /Red

Faction Name: Survivors Commonwealth
Inspired by or Reference: By all fiction
Locations: Everywhere
Background: By all fiction you have people who are not affected by illness or radiation.
Units: Middle Age
Main Colour: Blue

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Caeser Creator

Update on "Clash of Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction."

OK Guys I have already a team and we learn how to use certain games engines, LOL its pretty hard.
And what one ? Starcraft 2 is a free game and a pretty good editor.

The Biggest problem is for us now ,
to add several resources and shape the units. And the idea of equip units and loot the killed ones, like you can kill of enemy units and than use their swords. Or add ammunition for bows and rifles.

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Caeser Creator

Agricultural Robots
Series 9 in Australia from KKND2 as they were described in year 2140 with forks and shovels.

Rzeczpospolita 2 will be future version of Poland after WW3.
Will have units from Afterfall: InSanity and Monsters from Witcher games,
so it will be a human shelter and surface Mutants Faction.

Federation of the Dark ones. Metro 2033 and Stalker Series Mutant Faction.

Mutant creatures from the See on surface.
Mix of Crab People from Southpark an Decapodians from Futurama

The United Master States
Will be Mutants from Fallout Series in West USA.

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Caeser Creator

Faction Update:

Metal Clan
Faction Name: Metal Clan
Inspired by or Reference:
Fallout Enclave & Brotherhood of Steel /
Foot Clan from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ninja, Samurai, Shogun, and Ronin
Fire Nation from Avatar
Locations: Japan / Korea / West China
Background: A far east version of Enclave & Brotherhood of Steel
Units: Middle Age Far East Asia Warriors Robot Soldiers.
Steam Punkt Tech. Mutants like from TMNT.
Mobile base crawlers as Fortress.
Main Colour: Dark and White
Faction Goals: retaking and restoring the iland former Empire.

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Caeser Creator

Castles and Siege Equipment

Well its more Post Apocalyptic stile,
like Underground Bunkers or Survival Shelters, so you can only attack after the Main gate has been destroyed. So you can make there some traps and so on like in Dungeon keeper.
Castles will be the Normal you know from middle age games.
Sky domes or glass domes and so on, anyway some kind of fortification constructions that look post apocalyptic. Depends on faction.

Several Resources and Ages

Well Food, Wood, Stone, Iron and Gold are some kind of usual for middle age and stone age games, but here it would be some kind of recycling.

So here it will be : Scrap=Iron , St from ruins, Wood & Food= well it can grow again, for Gold it will be different ressources like Bottle cap from Fallout or Munition like in Metro 2033 or special Food.

1 Age of Survivalism, well the stuff just happened till Some Years after Apocalyptic disaster.
2 Dark Ages, cultural and economic deterioration.
3 Rise from the Ashes. So the time when people did somehow regroup in Tribes and Societies.
4 Krush, Kill ’n’ Destroy. We just didn't learn it again, Tribes and Societies start to fight each other.
5 World War 4, Total worldwide Warfare, again.

Customization, Upgrade System and Perks Well just choose equipment for troops.
Unit and Factions should be a lot to choose. Sidebar is in my Opinion the best way to buy stuff and would perfectly fit the game atmosphere.


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Caeser Creator

Well its difficult to find a proper engine. Starcraft 2 seems Promising.

Anyway the game play Idea so far:

Add Castles and Siege Equipment like we have it in Stronghold 2 and Battle for Middle Earth 1.
Add several Resources and Ages like in Age of Empires or Empire Earth Series.
Add Customization and Perks like in Fallout Series/Earth 2150/Tribal Rage for Units and Heroes.
Add Upgrade System like in Company of Heroes.
Add Unit and Faction battle style like in Warlords Battlecry Series.
Add Sidebar like in old School C&C Series or KKND to buy Units or Buildings.

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Caeser Creator

Faction Update:

Faction Name: CyBorg Tology
Inspired by or Reference:
Borg Startreck/ Starchser / Tribal Rage/ Frankenstein's army
Locations: Canada, West Europe
Background: Humans Artificial modified, who believes they have to unite the world
Units: from Humans light mixed with cyber ware to colossal mechanical abominations
Main Colour: Red
Faction Goals: Make everyone to an Cyborg.

Faction Name: Morlock Underground Nation
Inspired by or Reference: H.G. Wells and J. R. R. Tolkien Books.
Locations: Britain
Background: Humans Evolved to a new species
Units: Huge Mutated underground Animals and middle-aged units.
Main Colour: Blue

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Caeser Creator

We are still looking for an engine so far.

Sub Faction from my team so far and the mod main concept.

1 Martians
2 Prawns/Poleepkwa
3 Reptiloids

1 Outlanders
2 Neanderthals
3 Dwellers
4 Survivors Commonwealth
5 Third Carthage Empire
6 Underground Shelter "Fallout" Union
7 Anarchist Order
8 Steampunk Brotherhood
9 Metal Clan

1 Morlocks
2 Evolved
3 The Master States
4 Neosapien
5 East Europe Mutants
6 Centra Europe Mutants
7 Far East Mutants

1 Newts
2 Apes
3 Crab People
4 Huge Ants
5 Sapient Dinosaurs

Robots/ Artificial Intelligence:
1 Screamers
2 Series 9
3 Rusty Legion
4 War Machines
5 Chrome Purificatiors
6 Self-Aware holograms and Androids

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Caeser Creator

We have now a Name for the Mod

1 Clash of Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction.

2 We will only Upload our project as Mod if we have it done, you now its really sucks when you announce a mod and than doesn’t release this. We wont do that error !

3 WW4 Gameplay will be like Stone Age and Middle Age .
World War 5 Gameplay will be like the begin of WW1 and WW2.

4 There will be some Factions who lurked in the deep underground and survived in Bunkers with Modern and Future weapons Technologies.

5 Working on a serious background Story for Mod, why all Factions are there.
Armageddon , Nukes, , Virus, War, Aliens ?

6 Faction List

My Team Just wants to have all possible Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction.
I personally work on Apes and the Dwellers.


Faction Name: The Banana Republic of America
Inspired by or Reference: Planet of apes, Kingkong.
Locations: Canada, USA and Southamerika
Background: The Apes enslave the Humans.
Units: Apes with Weapons.
Main Colour: Yellow

Humans Surface Survivors.

Faction Name: Dwellers
Inspired by or Reference: Planet of the Apes
Locations: USA
Background: Humans hiding in destroyed States and Underground.
Units: Civilian Vehicles and Mutated People
Main Colour: Dark

In The Next Time we will present other Faction.

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Caeser Creator

Hi You all.

I am Working on an WW4 Mod for Starcraft 2.

I wanted to make an Ape Faction , but there is a Problem to make Hairy Units.

The Addon Heart of the Swarm will feature Hairy Units like the Yeti.
Man friend managed a Unit look like ape, so we are going to, take this model of Yeti ,change the colour and shape to have the Basic shape for other Units.

So my Team is going to start main Work after the Release of the SC2 Addon and before just prepare Models, skills for using the Programs and other stuff like this.

Everyone is Welcome to join.

Main goals of the Mod is :

1 Post Apocalyptic scenario. WW4

2 Feature Many different Faction.

Everybody in Team work on his favourite.

Crab People

If you do have suggestions just give links to Pictures , Films and Text about a faction you thing could fit the Mod.

3 Gameplay
Heroes, Big Monsters, main Troopers like Middle Age , some Magic/Technical special Units and rusty Artefacts that make lot of damage.

We will try to make more kinds of resources.
Money that you can change for other Ressorces or by directly a unit
Like for a Warrior you need 100 Food and 50 Metal or just 40Coins.

Begin the game with a ready Base, like Fortress with all main Buildings and a lot of workers.

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