I am a 17 year old highschool student from Oslo, Norway. I have been modding for five years and has established a indie game company with some friends at school. ActFun is our company, and we are now working on project Tundra. I love the RTS genre, and that's why we make this game, to have fun ;)

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Black Mesa

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Blitzkrieg Mod

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

I have played Blitzkrieg-Mod in 134 hours! And thought I should maybe write a review for the good Mod.

Blitzkrieg's main feature for especially me, is the expanded "Commander Trees" with 16 upgrades for each Doctrine!
But other features like:
New units, HD skins, realism in field, new maps and new abilities actually changes a lot in the tactical point of view!

You can no longer spam with Panzer IV or with Nebelwerfer, because the enemy has better Anti-Tank and because strikes and abilities now costs ammo and makes the game more advanced in strategies.

The game is very balanced, and much harder and more advanced warfare is needed to win the skirmish!

Blitzkrieg also has Multiplayer-Online, so you can be from 2 to 8 players in field, 4 as Axis and 4 as Allies!

Every map is very different from the others, and you have to think fast and more advanced to see the great advantages in the field!


This is the second best Mod I've ever played to Company of Heroes, and I think everyone should try the Mod.
It is hard to learn and be more advanced, but when you get some experience you will be the enemies biggest fright!

10/10 for excellent gameplay and grapichs!

Recommended by: Brage S.


Edain Mod

Mod review - 31 agree - 4 disagree

The Battle for Middle Earth II and Rise of the Witchking, is one of my favorite games. But, how could you make the great strategy game, even funnier?

Well, Edain is the answer of that question!

They have modded in some new factions, and more balanced units!
Now, Gondor is not the most over powered faction in BFME II, because the factions are well balanced.

Grapichs: Excellent work, it is better than the main games grapichs.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rich... But I actually want more factions, you need different tactics to each faction, and some factions are to expensive or to cheap, for use on bigger maps!

The Multiplayer is the funniest thing in the mod, and it is a great experience for the players!

Edain has it own campaign... But everything is in german and it could be hard to understand sometimes. I played the first five levels of campaign, before I had to use my german dictionary.

It is a new campaign system, so you should have a piece of paper and a pen, so you don't miss the code at the ending of each level. Because you need the code for the new missions and campaigns.


The mod is very well made. I missed some few things, but it is great work. I will be more happy with more factions, but it is a lot of work.
Some of the "special power" are too a little overpowered, so beware!

You could try the mod, and rate it yourself!

9/10! Good mod, worth trying!

See you in the field!


Call of Duty: World at War

Game review - 1 agree

I have played this game a lot, and to all of my consoles!

The game is based on the American Pacific campaign and the U.S.S.R. battle for Germany and Berlin!

Graphics are good and the texture and shader effects are really god. The explosions could have been better, but all the effects are realistic and the physics too.

The SP Campaign;

The Story is really nice, and I got some watering in my eyes more than one time! Especially the Soviet campaign is realistic and stunning in a lot of hard fighting souls, fighting for freedom!
The American campaign is more brutal, but well made.

Multiplayer Campaign;

I don't liked the multiplayer in the SP parts, but it worked well. You don't get feelings and great moments, when a jerk is running in circles around you, because you shall take another jaws of your breakfast!


I Liked to typical CoD 4 multiplayer, the only difference is the tanks (Panzer IV and Sherman M4). The maps are well balanced, but i think the nazi tank and technology is a little weak, in WW2 Germans dominated in war technology!

Nazi Zombies / Zombie Mod:

This is the best part! I loved Nazi Zombies from Nacht der Untoten! The online and LAN fun here is endless!!! I was playing Nacht der Untoten, and after updating my game, is saw it was three new maps!!! Der Riese (the giant) was the best map ;D

I think everyone shall try this game, espessicaly zombie mod!

10/10 try it folks! and write more reviews on your favorite games!


Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Game review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

First of all, I played this game for 48 hours, not some weeks, so my opinion is based on the fist looks.

The time we are in, is a very high tech and advanced technical gaming.
This game was made in another setting, and another "gaming age".

The game has good graphics for its time, but a gamer of Oblivion and soon Skyrim, Morrowind graphics will be outdated! The graphics looks like Lego, but I am impressed of the fantasy like atmosphere.

The Story is a little weird, I am really annoyed, because i don't understand why i shall do all the messed up things in the right setting.

The "mini-quests" and side quest holds the typical Elder Scroll standard and are therefore perfect for the Oblivion lover!

Short said:

If i have played this game five years ago, I would have been really impressed and loved the game. But i have played Oblivion and are therefore not willing to try the older stuff, and are hungry for better Graphics and Story.

nevertheless, the game is fabulous for its gaming age!

Worth trying: 8/10!


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Game review - 8 agree

The Elder scrolls is one of the best game series in the world!
It is a great RPG, but it is a little simplified from Morrowind. The quests are simple, but great. The graphics is better than Morrowind and are easier to change in the TES Construction SET.

The Story is Great, and it has a lot of side quests!
I love the adventure trough Cyrodill and i recommend the game to everyone who love TES or RPG.

If you think the game is boring, after played it a lot. Try some mods as: Nehrim: at faiths edge. It is an beautiful mod, not actually a MOD, more like a new game made in the TES Engine.

Rating: 10/10! It's a perfect game, and I plays Oblivion and MODs a lot. Try it yourself, but not be a pirate!

TES Construction SET:
The Engine and modding tool is easy to understand. I recommend everyone to at least try the TES Construction SET. BUT! It should be easier making your own quest!
And the Morrowind TES C is much more advanced with even more options.

Rating: 9/10!


Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review - 4 agree

Project Reality is on my top 5 mods I have ever played (I have played a lot of mods!)

The Mod itself, must be one of the hardest mods for the BF Engine, this is not a modification, it is a game and therefore i will refer to PR as a Game.

The Graphic is not the best on the market, but it's because of the engines capacities, because behind the textures and shaders, is it one of the most professional developers, and they do this for free, so we should be thankfully for them.

One of the funniest things in BF is the vehicles, it can change the battle and support infantry for tactical warfare. In this game, they have focused on the realism of the crew and what every crew member do for steering the vehicle. for example: the Leopard II has one Driver, one gunner and one machine gunner. Therefore you need at least 2 players to make the tank effective and 1 to drive. They have also changed a lot of soft-codes, but they have "walked around" the hard-codes, so you don't have any limits in the engine [without graphics and supported formats] Another role, is that you can use the same vehicles from BF, but they are harder to control, and helicopters is a burden! you have to be a good fighter pilot, for flying a copter in high speed, it is so realistic i gave up flying after an hour with a lot of tutorials! You can also call in support hellfire from team players in copter and synchronized help is now possible. The tanks and APC has night-vision and thermal-sights and just makes the realism even better!

The infantry role is obvious the most difficult and most important role in modern warfare. In Project Reality, the role as infantry is realistic and action-filled. The weapons have a lot more recoil and you will need team members or squads to help you. The realism is really clear in this part of the game. You can play as all from insurgents to America, and all the weapon is typical for the faction.

I just say one word: Teamplay!
10/10 Play it folks


Allied Intent Xtended

Mod review - 7 agree

I loved the mod from the beginning!

I have played a lot of BF2, but this is the ultimate mod for an ultimate game.

The Mod have a lot of:
New air, land and sea vehicles
New and better maps
New weapons
and of course Single-Player

New Air, Land and Sea vehicles:
I like the new vehicles especially the new UN forces tank! It is everything from small tank-hunter copters, to big and heavy tanks. The team has to be more tactical in squads, and more closed warfare in the streets, than the open farmland.

New and better maps:
It's a lot of new maps, the maps are at max size, and you can play them in single-player to [63 bots+you]. It is more and better terrain, and it is a lot more variation, some maps are hard to fly in, but easy to rush with land vehicles.

Better Weapons:
For the first time I have seen som attachments on the BF weapons, like the 4x zoom sight and silencer! You can have more firemods [full, 3 burst and single fire] It is great, because when you can fire at long, medium and short distance without changing class or rapid-fire.

Single Player:
This is the one I LOVE.
I play a lot offline, when a single player map, with 15 bots, is not fun enough! When this mod came out, I played SP with 63 bots and big maps! The "cool" new vehicles are always in the 64 maps and therefore I am very proved of AIX 2. Also the AI is greatly improved and are very annoying if you play on expert D:

Short said, it is a great game and all the BF2 folks should really try it! 10/10!!!


Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Mod review - 17 agree - 5 disagree

The Eastern Front is a good theme for a CoH mod

I like playing like USSR but, they are to unbalanced at the start at the game.
When Panzer Elite and Whermacht spams me with Panzer VI and Stug VI... i have only some few conscripts running around and literary are getting shot to pieces. Maybe you should try to balance the start phase by example making a new armory (Light Armor/ Armored cars). In the Light Armory you can maybe try to have some kind of light tanks example T24...

The T34 (both) is very effective, and perfectly balanced against the medium Stug VI and Panzer VI... SU-100 is very good, but i missed the machine gun on top...

The USSR heavy tank is good, but the KV-1 was a little weak. KV2 should be added fast...

I will try to review the mod again when the Eastern German army comes, a silent applause for your hard working mod team ;D

Rating 10/10!!!

Come on folks they deserve more fans!

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