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Hi. I started programming computers in 1985. 1000 points to anyone who ever owned a Timex/Sinclair 1000. Anyway, skipping ahead to the Half-Life years...

Mapping - this is where it all starts for most people, right? Anyone remember the free copy of worldcraft 1.3 that came with the original Half-Life CD? :) ... or was it 1.6 hmm... anyway I started mapping for Team Fortress Classic(1999). Then I got all ambitious and started a mod called Black Ops, another romp through Black Mesa. Over time the name changed to Critical Mass, and the Black Mesa thing was dropped in favor of a whole new story, not Half-Life related at all. I got into modeling a little, bought a copy of Milkshape. I learned some C++, bought Visual Studio 6, and had some significant changes finished. Picked up Terragen ability for custom skies along the way.
During these Goldsource years I lost all my work on the mod, twice, so I just racked it up as experience gained. Half-Life 2 came out, so I finished up the work in progress TFC map I was working on and made the switch. Eventually started Critical Mass back up, for the Source engine this time.

Since then I have been associated with a variety of Source mods:

Critical Mass <-On MOdDB
Mastersword: Source <-On ModDB
Eon <-On ModDB
BioHazard Project <-On ModDB
BFC <-Private/Not announced on ModDB
TRS <-Private/Not announced on ModDB

Experience: (Updated 2012)

-Coding ( C/C++, Source SDK code base experience includes single-player, multi-player, VGUI, weapons, game rules, camera work/game modes, player code, custom entities and proper associated .fgd representation)
-Mapping (Hammer - everything)
-Materials (PhotoImpact & Gimp -Albedos, bumpmaps, alpha channels, vmt files, shaders)
-Skies (Terragen registered copy, Terragen 2 soon)
-Models (XSI Mod Tool - mesh, skin, rig, animate, compile)
-Sounds (Goldwave for sound effects and voice files, soundscape scripting)
-Faceposer (phoneme setting, scene creation)
-Particle Editor
-Video creation (SourceRecorder, VirtualDub)

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