My main focus is testing PC games in Linux. I have had a lot of success with PlayOnLinux in Linux Mint! I am working hard at creating step-by-step guides on how to install, configure and optimize PC games in PlayOnLinux. I am also a artist with skills in drawing, sculpture, graphic arts, 3D modeling and music.


Yarr! Pirate Port! I like this, the one thing I noticed is that you don't bevel the edges, of e.g. walls, etc. This has this unnatural feel of "pure" geometry, which wil never occur in real life. If you round off these corners you will find that they are looking a lot more realistic and pleasant to the eye.

Overall good work, how did you do the mountains, btw?

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booman Author

Thanks. I see your point about beveled edges. It may even allow the lighting to look better in a game engine.
My goal with this small map was to keep it as simple as possible by keeping the polys to a minimum. And when you bevel edges in Sketchup the material has to be wrapped around it. This would almost double my production time because of all the edges.
Maybe next time I'll bevel the obvious edges and leave the minuscule ones.
I was pretty unhappy about the mountains, but I found some good mountain photos online and then used Sketchup's Sandbox tool to mesh a bunch of contour lines. Then tweaked it by separating them according to height. The material can be wrapped around a mesh using projection, but at the same time it can stretch those materials. so you will see some stretching.. which is the part I didn't like.
I'm sure I could have spent another week getting the mountains perfect...

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