My main focus is testing PC games in Linux. I have had a lot of success with PlayOnLinux in Linux Mint! I am working hard at creating step-by-step guides on how to install, configure and optimize PC games in PlayOnLinux. I am also a artist with skills in drawing, sculpture, graphic arts, 3D modeling and music.

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Guild Wars 2

Aliens vs Predator Classic

Torchlight (

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Remember Me

Battlefront 2

Halo Combat Evolved

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booman Blog already has over 120 step-by-step guides for running PC games in Linux with PlayOnLinux.
Here are a few game-play videos:

System Shock 2

Drakensang Online (Free MMORPG)

Two Worlds II


Rune Classic


Age Of Wushu

Beyond Good and Evil

At Gamers On Linux we are providing a new Guide every week.
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I am involved with a team whose goal is to create step-by-step guides on running your PC games in Linux with PlayOnLinux.
There are a huge number of Direct X9 games that run GREAT in Linux with modern hardware. PlayOnLinux utilizes Wine to run games, but create a user-friendly interface and some advanced customization to ensure your games will run.

Check out our growing community as we post guides, talk Linux, talk games and share success stories.

Here are a few games I've successfully run in Linux with PlayOnLinux:
Drakensang Online

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Call of Duty 2


Darkest of Days

Dead Space

Far Cry 2




Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade

Torchlight II

Half-Life 2

Assassins Creed

Linux and PC Games

booman Blog

I have been meticulously testing games in Linux with Mint and PlayOnLinux.
So far I have had a lot of success with PlayOnLinux and my PC Games.
I continue to list my results here on my Game Cave website:

Linux Games List

Its amazing how well Wine works in Linux and the growth of Linux support.
I can't wait to see more games being ported or released with Linux in mind.

New Start

booman Blog

I plan to start modeling again this weekend during my Christmas break.
I'm going to practice creating models from scratch in Blender and then doing some test baking high poly to low poly. After that I will do some test imports into UDK and see how my models & normals look.

I have been paying a lot of attention to games and their assets. No matter what game I play (Far Cry2, Wolfenstein, STALKER, Legendary) all the assets still have seams. The best models I have seen so far are ironically in Unreal Tournament 3. But I admit, Assassins Creed models are very nice too.

As I develop these assets, my goal is to learn how seams can be hidden so the UV mapping isn't so obvious. Also, I have learned that normals retain display how lighting falls across surfaces, specially sharp edges and can make objects look less "perfect" and "computer generated".

First I will be working on some simple crates and revolved pottery. Then on to architectural elements like doors, roofs, walls, steps, etc.

I would like to complete several assets to scale that can be used in Hells Reach custom maps.

Island Port

booman Blog 1 comment

Creating organic material is one of the hardest elements to 3D modeling. Specially using SketchUp. It is definitely possible, just requires more time. This recent project is a mostly modeled Island with a run down port and bar. The first thing I did was draw up all the elevations for the island mountains. Then used Sketchup Sandbox to mesh over them.If you know anything about meshes, they are great for mountains, plains, hills, etc. Then I found an amazing high resolution shot of Devil's Peak. So it seemed like a cool idea to have a volcanic mountain on this small Island. So I make the image seamless on the X-axis. Worked out pretty good, but Projected materials in Sketchup like to stretch. So I did the best I could to eliminate the "stretching" effect so it looked natural.You can kinda see the "stretching" at the top of the mountains, but hopefully the Victorian Era bar/hotel will distract you instead.
A nice side view of the port with old-school retaining wall. I had a lot of fun modeling all the windows, borders and pilasters for the bar/hotel. It looks even better up close
This is a close up of the clock on the bar/hotel. Everything is custom: wood tiles, paneling, and frosty windows. I love that SketchUp will use fonts on your system and model them in 3D
Another view of the port out to sea. Yes that light post is leaning. Darn Pirates, always creating havoc. I also enjoyed modeling the crane from scratch. No, the boat isn't floating, its the shadow on the sand below
The Port ship yard where boats/ships can be constructed. I'm not sure where everyone went, but that ship isn't going anywhere.

This is a better view of the crane from the port. I did have some problems creating a smooth transition from water to other surfaces. Some photoshop helps, but I really wonder how they do it in games. I would have liked some small splashes of water on the stone or even salt staining.
A wide view of the port. I modeled every plank of wood on the port.
Close up of the crane. Every piece of wood is mostly a rectangle, but I did tweak some of the edges to look worn out. I think the wagon modeled very well too.

I have finally created Kerkythea renderings of the Pirate Ship. After a month of modeling and over a week of rendering, I finally had some success. The main thing I learned was not to put soo much detail in SketchUp. I need to make some short-cuts for curved edges instead of using 100's of polygons for one curve. This will speed up production times and rendering times.
I continually got errors in Kerkythea because there were way too many polygons to render.

Everything is a 3D model except for the furthest ocean and the sky. I looked for Public Domain High Resolution images with no direct sunlight to blend into my renderings.

The barrels, rails and steps came out pretty nice. I did have problems with the posts in the front. They didn't like to project the material around, but I did make them smooth out.

Canons and Sails. I had a lot of fun creating the texture for these sails and then adding a bump map. If I had more time, I would have added detail to the tears.

The water splashes in each rendering was created in Photoshop so the ship would appear to be moving. The white/gray surfaces is a whale skeleton under the ship.

The water was also created by merging two photos of water in Photoshop, making it a seamless tile and then creating a repetative mesh surface that pointed up in many areas. Very difficult and you can still see the tiling. I give respect to those who have created a convincing water or ocean.

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