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I read about Desura a couple of days ago and I gotta say, the awesomnes of this application blows my mind. I was already in love with moddb but this was totally unexpected. In other words its great.
Either way since this my first ever blog anywhere and I have a strong urge to write even though right now I really dont have much to say nor have I caught the hang of blogging quite yet I figured I could do a little speech about mods in general and how I got into them(HL2 mods in specific) This obviously sounds a bit boring so stop reading now. I highly advice.

I bought Half-life 2 almost four years ago long after its release. I loved it but what stunned me was the amount of content there was to play years and years after the game was actually buried. Even 'till this day people are working their asses off for free content. We all know that.
So I played a few mods. Some singleplayer, some multiplayer and thought: "Yeah, they are okay" but honestly I didn't think they were worthwhile. Most of the mods were HL2 in disguise and nearly all of them nowhere close as enjoyable as HL2. This presumption was blown away by the amazing Rock 24. A mod by two "guys" as their first attempt in level desing. It was well paced and overall looking good. For a two man team and a work time of nine months, 2-3 hours of great gameplay was more than enough to amaze me.

After Rock 24 I found out about moddb. That site that has kept me following the modding scene for 3 to 4 years. Why? Its constantly up to date not only with HL mods but also many for many other games(Yes I do play othe mods than HL ones) like Crysis, Battlefield, Company of Heroes etcetera. Theres news, mods, modding tutorials and nearly anything you need to get into modding. It's truly great however for the longest time i felt like the site was very unorganised which in a way is good but can make you frustrated from time to time. No-name zombie mods popping out of every corner and projects that never get finished scare me off for a couple of months from every now and then but now theres Desura.

From what I've seen this is like a dream come through. With just two clicks you can check out the popular mods and you don't even have to open the browser. Of course this Desura application is not much different from the web-site but still I feel more comfortable using this steam -like program.

Now that I've nicely got sidetracked I guess I should mention a few mods that are actually worthwhile. Thats the reason I did this blog. So here they go: Action Half-life, Fistful of Frags, Goldeneye: Source, Rock 24, PARANOIA, Gravinull, Zombie Master, SourceForts, Battlegrounds 2, Joutomaa, Flesh, The Nameless mod (Deus Ex), Korskakovia, Afraid of Monster.

Thats just a few mods that came to mind. If you've actually read this then feel free to tell us and me what mods do you think are worth playing. Just don't comment on the blog itself. I know its full of spelling errors and stuff that I don't have time to correct so maybe I'll come back tomorrow if I feel like it.

Happy Christmas!


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