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[ROCK ON! Let's do this! Isn't life just great?]

As if! But really, to describe my personality would be like trying to predict every terroist attack! I like to live by the seat and live life one surprise after another. Every time a bad situation comes up I just sit back and go with the flow of life just to see whats next, almost like a book that you are really into, but everytime something happens you just want to keep on reading and then when you get to the end your bummed out. Well, I'm a bit different! I am the kind of guy that the story never ends. I take my music (cello) where ever it takes "me" and same goes with programming. Why live if your to know everything in advance? Life is an adventure, and adventures are never as planned! But, as life goes on I like to do somethings whenever I can like watch anime or ride with friends arguing about the "new" topic. I would say more but my book keeps on getting bigger!

This Bio is only 1k words, but my life requires more.

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Everywhere I turn I hear someone being told to give it their all, but how can that happen when you don't have the right "push". Now, I may be different, but I certainly don't find that "push" in someone "pushing" me. I don't care if you are the "best" or not, but the best push is your own push. Whatever that "push" may be, you have to decide what will take you to the top, because going on just passion is just not enough.

Here's a good example:

Take, for instance, the life of Jesus. Even if you do not believe in Jesus then take this as a story. In the bible Jesus lived his life by God and by his passion, but look what happened to him. People killed him in the end, but when he died he forgave everyone of their sins. Jesus didn't just do this with passion but with god, extreme faith, love, and the poeple who knew of not what they were doing.

Even though this is an edgy example, it still proves my point that Jesus found his push. He had to go through everything we do, but without all the technology. Without God to guide him, faith to show him the way, and the love of others and of God himself he wouldn't have died on that cross.

The main point here is to find what hits your soul. It can be from listen to one song or running around your house, find that "push" and make it sacred to your life. If one isn't enough then find as many as you need.

So, next time your modding a game or playing a cello remember that push and just jam out!

For those of you who don't know me... my push is music! Music hits my soul like nonother! Good Luck!

-Robert (Bobby)

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You were always a Saint and a Scholar sir.

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