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This game had a lot of potential but was severely lacking.
To me it seemed unfinished, with an ending that could have been drawn out a bit more.
The purose of them game was to insspect items to find your way out of the room, but there werent enough items to inspect and it was very unrewarding.
This mod isnt worth mutliple playthroughs but should be experienced at least once.



Mod review

This game actually handled very well and was visually satisfying.
However, there were a few times when it seemed they were throwing too many enemies at you than was truly necessary, but to be fair, they did compensate with a wide variety of weaponry to fight them off with.
Tight controls and great mechanics made this mod a must-play.
I can only hope they release Episode 1 soon.
So, if youre looking for a goodd quality mod, this one is definitely for you.


Cry of Fear

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This mod left me speechless, from the very beginning all the way to its conclusion.
So speechless in fact that its still hard to come up with words to review it. But, in all honesty, this mod desereves a much bigger spotlight, given that it has a better storyline than most of what is being released today.
Cry of fear is very original, whether it be its gameplay mechanics or its ability to make you look over your shoulders every now in then.
It should definitely be played in the dark with headphones in to get the best feel out of playing it.
Even though this game has a creepy atmosphere, a twisted storyline and enemies that make you want to crawl under the covers and cry, the visuals aren't the only thing worth bragging about.
The soundtrack was/is UNBELIEVABLE. Each and every song/sound/effect was placed in the most oppurtune place and it really draws the player into the world and mind of Simon.
If you're looking for a great mod worth mutliple playthroughs, a great co-op campaign and fantastic custom campaigns, Cry of Fear is for you.
Or, maybe you just want to test your sanity and level of courage lol
Either way, I highly recommend this mod to everyone.

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