Hello! I'm Blacky and i'm running small YouTube channel about indie games. I mostly do mixes + gameplays from games i did like. My gaming history is almost 20 years long now, going through many oldschool gaming platforms, card/board games and... and basically all genres of PC games.

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Bikini Karate Babes Compilation

B1acky Blog

4 minute long compilation of Bikini Karate Babes action, you can check the video here:

BKB Compilation

Algar - Crazy Frog Strikes Back!
FantomenK - Glitched Out
FantomenK - Tiny Tunes

Weird Games Compilation

B1acky Blog

Hello everyone!

Link: Weird Games Compilation

Games in this compilation:
1. Atakachik! / flash / Kongregate.com
2. Bikini Karate Babes / pc
3. Bishi Bashi Special / psx
4. Enviro Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation / pc / Enviro-bear.com
5. Icycle / flash / Dampgnat.com
6. Sumotori / pc / Gravitysensation.com
7. Japan World Cup / not working anymore
8. The Zoo Race / pc

Outro Music: Landon Podbielski aka superjoebob - Mr. Pond

Subscribe to my channel if you like what i'm doing :)

YouTube easter eggs

B1acky Blog

Short compilation of YouTube easter eggs:

1. Ponies
2. Harlem Shake
3. Leet Speak
4. Missile Command (Minigame)
5. VHS mode

Check the video here: Youtube.com

Also both my Desura page and YouTube channel got over 1k views! I'm working on new game mixes now, and even some compilations.

Thanks everyone!

Proteus Timelapse

B1acky Blog

4 minute timelapse from fantasy island simulator Proteus:

Music by Kubbi:

About Proteus:
Proteus is a first person fantasy island simulator. There is no score, no enemies, no quests. Each island is randomized and has dynamic soundtrack. Its really interesting experience if you like pixel art and exploration.

Game available at steam: Store.steampowered.com


B1acky Blog

Micron is an interesting mix of puzzle and rhythm gameplay. Minimalistic look, good puzzles, music made by your actions as you go through levels and low price makes it a really good choice. Game features 51 base and 12 bonus levels.

Video: Micron Gameplay

Beat Hazard Ultra

B1acky Blog

Crazy fun arcade shooter. Good gamepad support, both local and online co-op (tho not many people play online, but u get notice when someone is so you can actually join). Multiple game modes, difficulties and perks for both casual and hardcore players. IMPORTANT: I could play only DRM free music.

Video: Beat Hazard Ultra Gameplay

Little Racers STREET

B1acky Blog

While I'm not really into racing games I really enjoyed this one. Good career mode, many racetracks, great soundtrack, multiple camera modes, challenges (more like achievements) and... Knight Rider! IMPORTANT: This game does not allow you to rebind keys, tho it works great with xbox compatible gamepad.

Video: Little Racers STREET Gameplay

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise

B1acky Blog

One of the best brawlers i have played in a long time. Really good single and co-op gameplay, 28 different stages, ilustrated story, 3 difficulty levels with scoring system and unlockable moves/items/army. DLC adds 8 challenges and endless co-op mode. Important notes: this game is really hard and you may not like it if you don't like challenge even at lowest difficulty, also it is best to play with a gamepad.

Video: Kung Fu Strike Gameplay

Das Uberleben

B1acky Blog

Das Uberleben is fun freeware game in which you navigate your character through randomly generated caves. Six cave types, level settings like length and spin, fighting and local co-op up to 7 players makes a great party game. IMPORTANT: Das Uberleben doesn't let you rebind keys and has no built-in music.

Game: Download
Video: Das Uberleben Gameplay

Super Meat Boy

B1acky Blog

Super Meat Boy is a platform game which takes on the title role of Meat Boy, our job is to save Bandage Gir kidnapped by an evil doctor. SMB requires from player a lot of skill, but also gives a lot in return. Super Meat Boy features hundreds of levels, boss fights, unlockable characters, leaderboards and funny animated story. Almost all levels have their dark counterpart, unlockable by getting A-grade time in normal level. Whole game is complemented by great background music, “warp zones” inspired by classic platformers and replays. Check my short mix + gameplay here: Super Meat Boy Gameplay

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