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Just rustling around Mod DB doing working on artworks, textures and of course getting mods. I have a group the 501st Legion Vader's Fist so feel free to join it. I am secretly a really tall midget. Shhh no tears only dreams now.

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Star Wars: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy

Early access mod review

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Game review

Sins of a Galactic Empire

Mod review

Grand Theft Auto V

Game review - 5 agree - 7 disagree

Grand Theft Auto V is amazing. The World is beautiful visually and fun to explore. When you switch characters between Franklin, Michael and Trevor they are all doing there own stuff rather it be Trevor in a cop chase or Michael watching TV with his kids which shows that something is always happening. Rockstar really took this up a lot since The Lost and Dammned/ Ballad of Gay Tony with added more customizations like your car, your characters clothes/tattoos/Hair. The mission are fun also for certain heist you get the option to choose what you want to do and who you want to hire for the job as well as buying properties for weekly income and trading in the Stock Market. I really like the story but wish it went longer but everything else makes up for it like the under water exploring.

Apparently it might come to PC soon in a couple of months from romours which will be good for the PC community and they can mod it like GTA IV there are so many amazing mods for it so I hope GTA V comes to PC.


Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War

Mod review - 2 agree

Great Mod a smooth design by Cheesecake645. Its fun to kill time and have fun and what not. The design and the layout are very good and the models and textures for ships are great. The Skirmish is really fun also the Galactic Conquest is fun as well. The Graphics and effects are awesome.

Cheesecake I give you a 10/10 nice Job man :).


Rise of the Droid Empire

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

Mod looks great can't wait to download :).Nice Job Admiral Ace.


Alliance at War

Mod review - 5 agree

Great Mod some new planets and vechicals changed sizes of stuff different to make it more accurate music etc and of cause Violet alliance i can see you becoming a professional modder keep up the good work Larry! 10/10 :)


Galaxy of the Dead

Mod review

Great Mod its fun but it always crashes when i do autoresolve


Empire at War Expanded: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War

Early access mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Great mod lots of new stuff heaps good graphics but a really good mod recommend for anyone who love Star Wars.

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