Bevans Media is currently a one man team. After a few years of creating mobile games it's finally time for a PC game.

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Hi all,

I'm putting a temporary hold on Neon Overture development. It's not dead, just Neon Overture is currently at a major crossroads and needs some thought before any further changes happen.

The hold is due to these points:

  1. Networking is underway. I haven't had much experience in network coding, and with Neon Overture already being the size it is, it seems like a bad idea to learn within NO with the risk of doing damage to the entire game. Therefore I have started work on a fresh small mobile game which I can learn the API and networking pipeline far more easily.
  2. I'm having a bit of a identity crisis with Neon Overture. The majority of the work so far has been put into the Level Editor, which is great. Originally Neon Overture was going to be focused on Co-op time-running with friends, but now I'm not too sure how appealing that will be to people.
  3. So instead I'm thinking to refocus the game into a more PVP focused style, which should be possible with a fairly small amount of work. It should still focus on skill and tactics to be the best, which is a core feature I want to keep in the game.

My thought process is that PVP would encourage more people to play the game as it'll be more familiar and less niche then speedrunning, which the game currently centers on.

Until next time,


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