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Our Meeting was a success! An I even got the damn bug fixed before the testings and it all went well. The game behaved as expected in multiplayer and was fun to play, but we found a lot of bugs too. That's not a bad thing, because it's better to find them in testings than after release and now I have a lot of work to do again. Whew! I was scared that I might end up without any bugs :D! Anyway, we are going to release the multiplayer video maybe next week. I got the gameplay clips edited for the video, but we still need to shoot something that I'm not going to tell right now...

About the demo! I think that we will be able to release it in 3 weeks, I still have to make the main menu, intro in-game video and all of the levels are not yet done. I have this little thing called ( car ) driving school that is slowing the development down a little bit, but we''ll get it done. See ya next time! ZZing!

Edit: and oh yeah both the BetaDreams and the Bob the Blob websites are now ready!

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