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Third Age - Total War

Mod review

Very well made mod, one of the best I have played. However, I think the trolls from the orc faction have human size targets when they are being shot at by archers. It would be nice if this could be fixed. And it is practically impossible for Harad to get their capital large enough to support elite units.


Iron Europe - WW1 Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers

This is the most well-made mod for Mount & Blade that I have ever played. However, I will offer some advice for historical accuracy.

Horses were still widely used in WWI, primarily for transportation of "mounted infantry," but they should still be included.

Although I realize the difficulty of this task, coordination between infantry, tanks, aircraft, and artillery was the only way any progress was made in the trench war. Tanks could be included by modifying the script of horses or something and generals could have the ability to call airstrikes.

Finally, stormtroopers were equipped with flamethrowers in some situations so if it is possible to add these it could be done.

I realize the amount of effort required to make a mod and its present state is fine. However, if at all feasible it would be nice to see these things added.

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