Well i used to work a decent full time job but i had a very bad heart spell in the mid summer which really kicked in on me on my last day of work on November 16,2004 when i went unconcious and was rushed to the hospital. Many tests and two,six total,open heart surgeries later, i'm now disabled and bored living alone at home. I'm a Freelancer fanatic and i feel i pilot a starfighter rather decently hence the callsign "Ballroom". In otherwords...Let's dance the dance of death ! Muah ha haaaa !! Ok well i'm sure there are other's much more skilled than i but i hope i can figure out how to load this mod so i can play it along with others here on the net and if at all possable, though i do not know as of yet, play it also on my own with my nephew Joe when he comes by to hang out with ole Uncle Bob . He and i have been playing the main game for hours on end and would just love to see the present universe expand. I do hope i can find someone here who could and "would" help me to do so ?

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Hello out there. Look...I'm not sure what to say or do however i do have to say that from a computer stand point of understanding certain things, well,, "i'm a dumbass" with computer chargin so anyone out there please bear with me. I found here quite by accident. You see since birth and now most recently, i have a bad heart condition. I'm not very happy about it but now that i'm on disability, i picked up one of my older yet still awsome games to play which is Freelancer. I know that by todays graphic standards it may be old hat but for me, it's been extreamly fun to play. I already have an exploritory personality and with my fascination with space being the fronteer yet to be discovered , i just knew i needed a break from my present reality at least from time to time. Oh i'll live but life sure has changed for me. In any case i hope to join in on all the fun here with the Discovery mod for the game and also meet new people along the way. I do have some questions and i really hope that,( remember the dumbass part of this message), i hope i'll not seem or be annoying to anyone helping me out , that is "if" anyone would care to help me figure out how to load and then play this mod? Well not sure yet on all the where's and the hows so here i go i guess. Thank you for your time.


Hi - ModDB doesn't deal well with long chains of comments, seeing as they go all funny after they get long enough to cover more than one page. Do you use Skype? If so, I could try and talk you through some of the problems you've been having with the Discovery mod. Seeing as you're running the mod on a private server, it sounds like you're having an issue with the way the technerf plugin is set up. On other servers, that can usually use some tweaking to make it work properly. It may be easiest to delete the plugin altogether, seeing as that more easily allows for an 'arcade' play style.

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