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Wow, lovely puzzle game! .. And believe me, normally i hate puzzles ! Cogs is a perfect game for a 15 minute session.. just to exercise your brain;) Levels are well designed, smart and pleasure to watch. Specially when you finish the task and see the outcome - e.g steam moves a little toy helicopter ;) There's plenty of levels and special challenge mode, so you would not be bored. I can imagine that all puzzle fanatics will really enjoy Cogs, for me it's a nice distraction - so, 7 points out of 10. Very decent game, bravo Lazy8 Studios!



Game review

The main idea behind the game is decent.. but not everything works as it should be. Hammerfight is a part of Humble Bundle #3 and is surely the worst game in this pack. The goal is to control some kind of a flying machine and deal damage to your foes by swinging its .. hammer, as the title suggests. There's nothing compelling in this game, it's difficult but not rewarding, the controls respond lousy and most important - Hammerfight is just plain boring and poorly made. Two points for trying.


Dungeons of Dredmor

Game review

Roguelike rpg ? Can this be enjoyable in 21st century ? It can and surely is. Example - Dungeons of Dredmor! Apart of real graphics instead of ASCII, this game is typical rouglike rpg with random generated levels. There's plenty of good humour too. Unfortunatly, graphics could be a little bit better. I know, it's indie production but... Well, we should be grateful there's graphics at all, developers seem to say. Game lacks story, but that's not a flaw - you dont need a story in a game like this. It's just about fun, exploring, leveling up and killing your enemies. Of course, there is the last, final boss in the last 10th level of dungeon (Mr.Dredmor, indeed)... and a couple of minor bad guys on the way. You would not be bored;) Another interesting thing - Dungeons of Dredmor features permadeath - long forgotten, now revoked! Of course you can choose to switch it off, if you value your sanity. Try losing your character after couple hours of gameplay... ;) But if you want to play as if it's still 1980, go ahead!:) Some gamers reported bugs and crashes with DoD. I guess it's all patched, because im playing without any problems. In conclusion - nice little game, but marked for a small group of players. If you like classical rpg's, dungeoneering style games, you'll like Dungeons of Dredmor. For rest of you guys, this game gets boring and repetitive after half an hour


Really Big Sky

Game review

Great shoot'em up title. A bit cocky, flashy and eccentric, but enjoyable enough. There's no real story or plot behind it and... why should it be? All you need is a xbox controller or any other controller with two analog sticks - that's the only proper way this game should be played. Levels are generated randomly so there is no specific route you need to take or to remember. You can't predict what boss will kick your *** and when he will appear.. or what obstacle you'll encounter. So as you see, replayability is really HUGE.
You die alot in this game. That's not a bad thing, after each death you become stronger and stronger.. So dont be discouraged if this Really Big Sky beats you every time. Just spend your xp points wisely and it will all be fine! :) If you're shmup fan, i recommend you buy it now!

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