I am mexican, I have experience drawing and working with textures and sound edition. I like draw some anthro animals, different cartoon characters and fanarts. From the videogames I learned how to edit skins and textures and edit sounds.

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Almost 50 textures divided on 3 important nations, modern times and futuristic. Is divided in:

Germany: 4 skins: WW1, WW2 (fallschirmagers and neuer soldat), modern and New Order from Wolfenstein.

Russia: WW2, cold war, modern times (light infantry, assault and spetsnaz).

USA: WW2, gulf war, modern soldiers and navy seals (is possible I will make one for Vietnam war).

Modern times: Africa, China (divided on assault infantry and anti riot police), Israel, generic infantry (divided on desert, jungle, urban, snow and another one for WW2 - cold war) and assault troops (4 skins, a soldier wearing a shotgun and other 3 with a generic M4 and some digital camo patterns).

Futuristic: around 5 digital units using different weapons and modern concept armors, there are others from other videogames, example the marines of Halo 4, North Korean soldiers of Homefront 2, Unit Cell from Crysis and Imperial Guard from WH40k.



Divided on 4 folders: WW2, cold war, modern times and future.

WW2: Germany and USA.

Cold War: 3 generic textures.

Modern times: Germany, Russia (2 skins), Mexico, Venezuela, a badass guy and a special skin fo USA called Objective Crew Served Weapon (OCSW).

Future: Futuristic asian unit, 2 skins of different guys wearing a futuristic armor and a heavy bolter of WH40K universe.



Since this weapon should not exist on WW2, I haven´t anything for it. I divided the files into 3 folders: WW2, modern times and future:

WW2: 3 skins, USA, Russia and Germany.

Modern times: 10 skins, some are not exactly representing a nation, only I have real nations: russia, mexico and USA, the rest are generic and many can work for other nations, between the others I have africans, soldiers with digital camo patterns and a terrorist.

Future: Photon cannon, 3 digital units and an imperial guard from WH40K universe.



3 folders: WW2, modern times and future.

WW2: russia, germany and USA

Modern times, 8 textures: russia, mexico, terrorist, and the rest are soldiers with different uniforms not representing an exactly nation.

Future: Well... it can works. 7 textures, many of those are a combination of the other packs incluying the imperial guard.



Surprise, surprise, I was not planning work with they yet, but I was inspired and I almsot finished. The pack is divided on 3 folders: old times, modern time, future.

Old times, 5 textures: farmer, worker, WW1, WW2 and prisoner of war.

Modern times, 8 textures: afroamerican, chinese old man, arab, asian, chopper, latino and 2 nice guys.

Future, 3 works: digital, postapocaliptic and cyborg (well... kinda, only he has robotic hands, like Jax from Mortal Kombat games xD)



Right now I have 11 skins, maybe 1 more and is done, at least i find another good one. Between the textures are already are: advanced warfare, unit cell, stormtropper, XOF infantry and others.


Right now I have 17 skins, maybe I will make 3 more and is done, this pack expand the black robes... kinda, well not exactly but you can use the EE studio for make the conversion of the units. Between the units I have Adeptus Mecanicus, postapocaliptic guys, men from Destiny games and other creepy guys.


For now that´s all, the marines is almost done, I will make a couple of WW2 units and one for Vietnam and is done, if you have a suggestion for any unit let me know because after i publish the pack I will not touch those again.

See you soon. :D

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