I am mexican, I have experience drawing and working with textures and sound edition. I like draw some anthro animals, different cartoon characters and fanarts. From the videogames I learned how to edit skins and textures and edit sounds.

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Game review may contain spoilers

Excellent turn based game with epic battles, nice sound, excellent music and a very nice story. I think is one of the best games I ever played of that saga, however it has some issues but well, I think are acceptable. There is my review:

Good points.

- Gameplay, a little complicated on the begining but after it is easy to play.
- Music, is excellent, epic, sad, I feel like the old games.
- Sound effects, very limited but are ok, more specific when you fire the PPC, sounds like it hurts. ;)
- Campaign/story mode, is not too large but is enough for play and enjoy it.
- Large battles, some are very difficult and require think carefully your movements.
- Custom options for mechs and mercenaries.

Bad points:

- Many loadscreens and time required for load even the mech bay.
- After the story end, the campaign mode convert on a sandbox, I´d liked focus a little more on the conflicts between the houses or something more interesting than generate randomly missions.
- Sometimes the missions can be repetitive or not very interesting, or very hard with a small payment and viceversa.
- Some weird physics effects, speciality when mechs interact with buildings, a wall fly like a box!
- The color palette is a little limited for custom the mechs, or at least I feel it need more dark colors or more patterns for camos.
- The contracts lies! xD Some missions are very easy and you carry an Atlas, but sometimes you carry a balanced team with recruits... vs 2 assaults lances and reinforcements of tanks, holy Molly!
- Maybe, maybe, maybe some mechs are a little unbalanced, Atlas should be a monster on the battlefield but is hard to control, I think is more efficient Highlander: jump, gauss rifle and many heat sinks, other example is, how in the hell can resist a lot of damage a Vindicator compared for example with a Quickdraw... even a Vindicator can carry better equitment than this mentioned, etc.

I recomend the game, yes it has many lack things but are ok, I really enjoyed it, but I feel it needs dlc, maybe when the clans arrive? should be interesting. :3


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Game review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

I was waiting for this game for a long time, but well, let´s say...

The game is not bad, it has many good things, like the gameplay, is more faster, the fights are not bad and the music is beautiful, however, are not exactly new, are in fact "bug fix".

Is interesting see the game combine ideas, the units looks like 3d models, but are sprites, not looks bad, however, the animations are not in all correct and it has bugs when you change quickly the screen, strange for games of today.

Other thing is the sounds effects, the original game has cool sounds when the units attack mostly or when you select the catapult, sounds epic, however in that one is... lame, even the sound of the docks is almost the same used on docks on Empire Earth, sounds very similar. Fun fact is the team conserved the original wololo, so that is a good point for the game, I´m glad it was not replaced. xD

The music as I said is beutiful... and that´s all, I feel I listened some many time before in soundcloud. Well, compared with the old is nice see the evolution, however, some themes sound more epic on the original game than the new version.


The game looks like was released incompleted or so quickly, there are many elements looks wrong like the animations of the units (example the chariots when attack or when the villagers find bushes... when are trees not bushes, but they find the food on the earth).
Is nice see an old game revived, but the visual art remember me those free videogames of youtube and those things, and I can see is very inspired on 0 a.D. (example the hud on the game).
I should not approved the game excepting you can play with the old version, and is something cool.

Good points:

- A classic is back.
- The music.
- Wololo.
- Some improvements on the gameplay, is more faster, tech tree, rally points, etc.
- The destruction of the buildings.
- Ambient and clouds effects.
- Water (well, kinda).
- It has incluyed the original AoE1 with the original midis of the game and the expansion.
- The IA is very good, very challenged compared with the original.
- New balance with the civilizations, many were changed compared with the original game.
- Incluyed the original game.

Bad points:

- Some sounds effects are lame.
- Wrong animations of many units (look how walk the horses, personally I found strange how they move), and some do not have animations like ships (except the birremes).
- The blood when units die... looks like a bird and always appear on the butt of the units... oh deer! xD
- There are bugs with the sprites of the units and the shadows.
- The cheat units are not upgraded and use the old sprites, looks blurry and pixeled, lame! I don´t remember the original game was very blurry.
- There are some visual bugs if you play on the original AoE1, example all coast textures looks terrible and the water haven´t animation, really? How dare you Forgotten Empires?
- The Zoom options, yeah is cool see the units close, but the camera is disgusting, and more far you can´t see the units. Is not the best option.
- Exclusive for Windows 10.
- Xbox live.
- No formations for units.
- Minoans, that faction is OP, only composite bow archers and you can win very easy, on the original you need catapults for help to win on assaults, here is not necessary, the archers does a lot of damage against buildings incluying walls and towers. Is sick!
- Check the babylon houses on bronze age... when it is destroyed... is not the same model. Fail. :V


I growed up with this game, and I expected more, maybe is my guilt, but that should be the oportunity for add more units, technologies, factions, maybe unique units and more, but this game is just an update, there is nothing new as Forgotten Empires promised, example add formations. The second point freaks me is, why a game of sprites need 20gb of space and tons of resources of a powerful pc... well maybe justify because are 32 faces per unit, making it more smooth the movement, ok... but windows 10...

I would liked something like the original games like AoE2 add the historical dates and maybe art concept, something for collectors. And... you need Xbox live conexion for play multiplayer... I´m sorry Steam boys, is not for you.

I´m afraid the Forgotten Empires stoled material of the unofficial HD patch edition for the original game (you can download it here) because many things are from this mod/patch, example low costs for greek hoplites, that one I reconized... but this mod does much more for the original game more than this game, I am kind of dissapointed, and I´m afraid soon Forgotten Empires will invade us with DLC and those things, but for now, this game is good, but not enough.

For now, I´m glad the original game is back, I like many aspects but others well not really, but well, for support it and don´t leave it to die.



Game review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

9 years later come this game; I enjoyed it when it was Lugaru, nice gameplay and interesting story of anthropomorphic-furry characters, cool combat system and epic battles. However, it passed 9 years were the developer showed small technical details of alphas, showing the game like a demo of combat simulator or something like and some artistic topic were maybe 10% of those concept arts showed only appear on the game... and I am sorry for who pre-ordered the game because is basically the same as was showed in these 9 years. The game only changed on graphics, same gameplay and a very short story and it has no-sense, it started interesting but ended so bad.

I am very dissapointment with this game, maybe 9 years later I ´d loved the concept but today... not really. Is for me a demo, very limited engine for combats and damn with the campaign.

I love the rabbits, more if are anthropomorfic, and with a plus if are ninjas, but not justify the game with my love of the rabbits. Ok this is an offtopic. xD

Anyway. Is fun, you can play it for a couple of days and that´s all, I cannot recomend it because I waited many years for play it... and thankfully I don´t pre-ordered.


Hello Neighbor

Game review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 2 disagree

After many alphas and betas the game was released, however is not like I wanted.

- It has many bugs should be fixed on the alphas and betas.
- The story is so open for theories, but is in fact dumb because is not sense.
- If you play the game without focus on secrets, maybe you can able to finish it in a couple of hours.
- The world is huge and detailed, but is not sense to exist because you cannot visit it and is nothing with the story, plus is a waste of resources for your pc-videocard.

The people of the game should work for more time and fix the details, because the game I feel is another beta, I feel incomplete and the story is less interesting than the conspiracies and theories were bahind this game.


Empire: Total War

Game review - 1 disagree

Awesome battles, speciality the navals, great game, one of my favorites of the saga. However, not at all is perfect, the first thing I am not agree is the lack of sound, damn those rifles sounds... well, weird, I prefer the sounds of rifles and cannons on medieval 2 total war, those are epic. And the second point I am totally disagree is, having more than 50 nations on the game, only use around 10-12? not fair, then we need to use mods. And the last point is a shame there are... well, lack of historical battles or campaigns, the game has the oportunity of make A LOT of historical situations, example simulate the independences of all the colonies of america (not counting USA), or the adventures on Africa, or even give us a posibility of a story mode like the american campaign (is more like a tutorial).

The creators of the game has the oportunity of give us a lot of posibilities with this game, but is very generic in many cases and leaved behind the things supported medieval 2 total war.


Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

Game review

Awesome expansions and units, full of culture and epic battles. I´d liked to see more kind of different units on the american expansion, mayans and aztecs,a dn even the tarascans were very different. That is the negative point I made, the lack of creativity for the american expansion, but leaving it behind the game is cool and very fun.


Medieval II: Total War

Game review

My favorite game of all the games of Total War. Epic music, battles and historical warriors, look the aztecs, awesome!

The only one point negative point I put is when sometimes on siege battles the IA try to send tons of warriors in 1 ladder, making the game unstable... at least with the laaaaag someone destroy the ladder or destroy the wall for the IA never touch it again.

After it the game is almost perfect. :3


Total War: Rome II

Game review - 1 agree

With the pass of the time the game was fixed of tons of bugs and weird things. very late but well, thankfully is operational.

is not bad, but not the best of all the games.

I put 3 negative points on the game:

1.- On battles the arrows are veeeery OP, and mostly the towers on the city, so you need going carefully with it.
2.- The naval ships are epic... but too fast, really fast, in 1 minute you can screw the enemy or maybe screw you if you don´t have careful. well personally I don´t enjoy a lot as the combats on Empire .
3.- The icons of the units. I liked the idea of the icons, looks nice and maybe cute, original, artistic, but are useless, is hard to difference if you don´t pay attention or if you don´t know the units, you can confuse very easy the units.


Total War: Attila

Game review - 1 agree

Dark and epic game. One of the best talking about the ambient and one of my favorites of the Total War saga.

However, I put 2 negative notes.

1.- Well, the dlc, kind of expensive.
2.- It needs a very good videocard for play it... well, in fact, you need a master pc for play it 100% operational.


Warlords Battlecry III

Game review may contain spoilers

A very nice game with an unique way to play, each race and/or civilization is unique, with different ways to play and a large and complex system of custom the habilities of the heroe, the units are very smart and respong very good depending of the orders you give, example hold the position of the archers, the wizzards the hability of put aggresvie powers or your heroe himself can heal with only give the correct orders. Very complex and unique way to play.

However the game lacks of something:

- The very large parties are not possible, the game has a counter limit after a time the posibility of create any kind of buildings or units, so is like a sudden death... but what happen when only left buildings?
- The campaign is a little boring, at least is not very intesting, but is cool decide the battles in a map and find treasures, experience and make alliances, and depending of the race the units respond good, bad, terrible, etc.
- Some units lacks of animation of death, or are very limited.
- Well this is since the second game: the units looks kinda cute, but the art is kind of creepy, deep, kind of Conan the barbarian, is a strange mix between rude artstyle and cartoonish models. Is not bad but is kind of funny.

Highly recomended for those who play RTS videogames, it has A LOT of units, races/factions, magic powers for the heroe and a lot of posibilities of make powerful heroes, find objects and have large and epic battles... and some cute models, don´t feel bad in kill fairies, they are dangerous in hordes!

Is like a mix between age of empires, age of mithology, warhammer, rpg games (with the customize options for the heroes: status, powers, habilities, magic and objects), warcraft and maybe others.

Play it if you have the oportunity, is very good.

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