I myself dont know much about programming but I am interested in learning how to programm. I do have previous knowledge how to create models using Auto Cad 2010/11 Software including Maya and 3ds Max. Currently we are working on a freelance project called SG-N anyone that wishes to participate in the project is welcome to. We have a website set up at (website not listed) where we exchange our ideas and post our work for assembly by our programmers. We are mainly working with the Ogre3d engine and 3ds Max because they are an open source code where everyone can participate. We plan to leave the open source available once we start the game to make it possible for everyone to contribute to the game. The programming of the game itself is using Visual C++, "in which our current programmer specializes in" to produce the game. We currently do not have a planned production release. All that i can tell you is that we will have it as a F2P. If you are interested in joining the team let us know.

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Ogre Media
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J.Sheppard Author

These are the images that give the example of what can be done with the 3ds Max and the Ogre3d Engines combined. The work is just visually stunning. This is one of the reasons why we decided to use the Ogre3d Engine, also we use it because of its many different SKD expansions like the speed tree software and the terain generator.

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You gotta love working with Ogre Media I mean look at what can be accomplished when your using the speed tree software. So far our company is enjoying using the software, so feel free to give it a go. We give it a 5/5.

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