I am Aro, original head developer and leader of Twisted Insurrection. I began work on a small mod project back in November 2007 for Tiberian Sun, which eventually grew into what is known as a whole new game today called Twisted Insurrection, building up a brilliant team of modders along the way. If you have any queries regarding Twisted Insurrection, please direct them towards the other staff members as I am not currently available.

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RSS Tankard Haus - Stalkers [EP] (view original)
Tankard Haus - Stalkers [EP]
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For those of you wondering what I've been up to since I have quieted down on Twisted Insurrection updates, this is it.

A couple of weeks ago, my band (Tankard Haus) released it's debut EP titles 'Stalkers'! It is available for streaming, purchase and can even be downloaded for free across numerous platforms (links below).

Spotify: Open.spotify.com

Apple Music: Itunes.apple.com

We have worked hard on this EP for many years now, plenty of standstills and delays occured because of personal reasons between me and my fellow musicians, so we decided to release it for free or as a pay what you want option. A simple google search will turn up hundreds of viable options for however you want to acquire the EP. Again, it's free, so I would love to hear what people think if you have time to listen to it!

Note: Stalkers [EP] will always be available as a free (or pay what you want) download via our BandCamp profile. Thanks again for the support from all around the World. It's been wonderful.

● Official Website: TankardHaus.com
● Official Facebook: Facebook.com
● Official Spotify: Open.spotify.com
● Official Bandcamp: Tankardhaus.bandcamp.com
● Official YouTube: Youtube.com
● Official Twitter Profile: Twitter.com
● Official Sound Cloud: Soundcloud.com
● Official Instagram: Instagram.com

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