I have been playing games since I was 5. I started with MS-DOS games so yea i have seen the evolution of gaming. I started modding Zero Hour when I was 14 but on that time my English was not good and I did not have a proper internet to share and upload my files with others. My first RTS game was Red Alert for PS1, and my second one was Red Alert 2 which started it all. When Zero Hour came out I bought it and played it a lot but in 2006 a game called Company of Heroes got released and it completely changed my vision of RTS. That game was basically the best RTS I ever played and still is, therefore I spent a lot of time on Generals zero hour modding to make it a little bit more tactical like Company of Heroes and I uploaded my first mod on this site which is named "Tactical Operations 6-4" Any feedback is welcomed! If you want to add me on steam feel free to do it my nickname is Arashenstein!

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