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3:56pm - September 23 - 1586 - Diary of Sir Walter Shock

Back within the safety
of the fortress walls, steph'nie was reunited with his family who has taken
shelter downstairs when the attack started. But steph'nie had a much more
important job to do, he said goodbye to his family and left for the fortress
basement to plan with his generals. In the bunker was steph’nie, Richard Johnson,
me, Sir Walter shock. (I am the castle's gunpowder expert.) And a handful of
other generals. We realized we had little time to plan, as the front line could
fall any moment to the attackers. With what little time we had we took some
soldiers of the front line and ordered them to construct a crude barricade to
block the castle entrance, made of wooden chairs, tables and barrels it would
at least hold up for a while.

We also set up some
gun-powder barrels handled by me, in case the attackers breached the barricade.
We took all the supplies in the castle into the bunker, and we would blow the
roof up if they got in, meaning they would be crushed and have to break through
the piles of rubble. Finally, if all else fails, we would mount a suicide
attack to take out as many of the attackers as we possibly could. Better to die
killing criminals than to die to them. At 3:54pm all the remaining soldiers on
the front line had to fall back due to the attackers breaching the fortress's

Fairly soon we realized
that we made a mistake. We had no crossbow bolts left, so we resorted to
swords. However the enemy had crossbows and our swordsmen were quickly shot
down, everyone who survived fled to the bunker. With nothing standing between
us and them, I was ordered to set off the gunpowder to destroy the roof. Within
the bunker, I set off the gunpowder and ran for the safety of the bunker. What
followed was the loudest bang must of us in the bunker were temporarily
deafened by.

With no way out, we
all sat and waited. We had no idea how to fight back after this. We had no
crossbow bolts but luckily we had an engineer in the castle. For the few hours
that it took for the enemy to break the wall down, our engineer made as many
crossbow bolts as he could. With a moderately armored army, we climbed up to
the top of the tower while waiting for the enemy to break through the walls, to
find an incredibly horrifying sight.

6:25pm - September 23 -1586 - Diary of Sir Walter Shock

looking out onto the balcony, we saw an army the size of a country. It was
clear this was no well-organized band of marauders. We were up against a force
too strong, we were up against an army. our only hope would be to either escape or die fighting.
Their was no way we would fight them off. We saw the attackers putting out fires and
taking over the town. They took all remaining townsfolk and kidnapped
them. Some who were important to the town were nailed to walls and set on fire.
A few of us couldn't take it, many chose not to look, some puked over the

We noticed that there
was a heavily armored carriage coming into the north, and we suspected that
this was someone important to the takeover of Haventon. A few of the men asked
for permission to fire upon the carriage, but Steph'nie ordered the men to wait
until the carriage came to a stop. When it did, the carriage doors opened and
Steph'nie almost fainted, his body appeared frozen in place, and he had trouble
breathing. When he came back he told us about the man. He told us that the man
was Sir Edward griefer, the brother of Mr. Griefer.

To be continued...


Dear god why do you start every word with a capital letter? It makes things pretty much illegible.

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Anti_Griefer_666 Author

Gah. Want Me To Upload Normal Versions? And Also, I Would Like Some Comments On The Quality Of The Written Work. If More People Comment Like That, I Will Upload Normal Versions.

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Anti_Griefer_666 Author

Thar We Go :P

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